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Dear Friends,

TISA has been the best thing that happened to me personally. It changed the way I looked at stammering. Over the years, TISA has continued to do this to many more PWS throughout India. As more and more PWS come in contact, we see a need to have a team which is focused on some of the core areas, so that we can function and offer help more efficiently.

We now have a core team with volunteers focusing on specific areas. Dr. Sachin and JP will continue to guide us in advisory roles. Amit Singh Kushwaha joins as the Asst. National Coordinator, and editor for Hindi resources. He will edit the website and all other content in Hindi besides working closely on coordinating TISA as an organization with me.

Abhinav Singh and Vikas Ranga join to help us with all our technical needs like website, SEO and other ways of how we can leverage technology to our advantage.

Dhruv Gupta will help in coordinating and organizing events. With his exemplary facilitation skills, he will help and guide event organizers with ideas related to content, facilitation and more on how we can organize events effectively that align to TISA’s core philosophy.

Bhupendra Singh Rathore and Abhishek Kumar will drive the Social Media platforms. They will administer, moderate and monitor the platforms to make sure they adhere to TISA’s policies. Social Media has also been the primary source of reaching out to new people. They will help us achieve more with this medium.

TISA Women’s Wing has been working quietly all this years. It was time we formalized the IWWS – TISA’s Women’s Wing, run by the WWS and a dedicated self-help space for the women who stutter. This will be led by Dr. Sweta Ruparel, Shilpa Sagwal and Aashima Gogia.

Vishal Gupta will be available to guide and counsel new / not-so-new members of TISA on phone or other media. He has been volunteering to TISA’s events very actively for last 6.5 years, and has a good understanding of acceptance and self help approach to deal with stammering.

This is a start, and we will add more members as we move on, on need basis. If any of you think you can contribute, or has any suggestions and ideas that you think we should take note of, feel free to write to us on

I thank all the volunteers for coming forward and taking these roles. Wishing you all the best and hoping that together we can build TISA to be a fun and safe organization that helps PWS to accept and deal with stammering.

Let’s get going… As our friend Dhruv often says- Dum Laga ke… Haishaaa…

PS: To know more about the core team members, click here.

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “Meet the Core Team

    Satyendra Srivastava

    (May 27, 2018 - 10:06 pm)

    Congrats to the entire team, from both JP and myself. It is amazing to see how far we have come in last ten years! I am sure we will put many more mile stones behind us yet, as we continue being true to ourselves, our spirit and ideals…
    Well done everyone! Keep pushing…

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