Episode – 1 Mr. Manish Upadhyay ( Humans Of TISA )

We started a new initiative ” Humans Of TISA ” . To bring stories of Indian people who stammer and to aware people about problems faced by a PWS in everyday life . And telling Young PWS that ;  people are living a succesfull life after accepting their stammering and joining TISA .  As Stammering is not a barrier when you know your goals and having fixed and focused vision towards it .

Mr. Manish Upadhyay –

Manish Upadhyay is a passionate People’s Trainer, Edu-preneur & Motivational Speaker. Through his trainings & Power-talks He wants to help learners to re-invent themselves; become more confident, fearless, and successful. He is a qualified Engineer with post graduation in M-tech and a MBA from renowned institute of Kerala. He decided to pursue career as a trainer 10 years ago. He had many reasons to choose this field; one being his own life experience;

As a child, he use to stammer while talking. This problem affected his confidence. Since he use to avoid people and was hesitant to make conversations, he hardly made any friends; his social skills were poor. But it was God’s grace, encouragement of his parents, & his own perseverance that came to his rescue and he managed to rectify his speech problem. He attended regular school like any normal child; and got trained on his speech on the side. Gradually, as he beat the problem, his confidence soared and he grew wings. That’s when He decided he will share his success by helping others in his (or similar) situation. This thought boosted his confidence and gave him a more meaningful purpose in life.

To become the best at what he does, he has attended several international courses to fine-tune his knowledge and upgrade the level of his services. Now, He provides training programs for Youth and the Corporate. To make the training’s effective, He created practical Fun-loving Approach that were close to everyday life situations and conducts in a friendly and high-energy ambiance. His Best ingredient of Training is FUN. He believes on the Principal of ‘TRAIN with FUN’. He train people in a wide age range & professional bracket; from youth to middle managers; post graduates to senior managers. His programs differ from 1 Hrs Motivational Power-Talk to Full Day Workshops & YOUTH Employ-ability Program to Sales & Leadership Intervention for Corporate. In between He conducts his Signature Events also.


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