Report on Hangouts Meet ( 12 and 13 June )

TISA Google Hangout report .

Date – 13 June 2018.

Hello all ,
I am harsh from Bhopal Madhya Pradesh. I am a severe stammerer .

I had hosted another friends meet 2-3 days back but that was a different experience because there were only 2-3 participants.

But yesterday’s experience was completely different because I had hosted the Hangouts and there were approx 6-7 members.

So according to our agenda of yesterday we had to give our introduction in bouncing and prolongation .
All the members gave their introduction quiet decently.

Then in the second round there was a story telling round . So Bhupendra sir shared a wonderful story with all the members .

Then in the third round there was a GD . The topic of GD was
“Is social media a boon or a bane” ?
So all the members put up their points beautifully.

Then we had reviewed our MOOC assignments. That what assignments we had done uptill now .

Then there was a doubt sharing session . But no one had any doubts regarding MOOC assignments. We had a good laugh then .

Then in the last round we had to sing a song and all the members sang the song beautifully because it is a general trend that stammerers sing beautifully.

After that , we conculded our Hangouts .

It was a nice experience overall we all cracked jokes and was fun altogether .

Looking forward for today’s friends meet .


Short Report of 12 June Hangouts –

🌱 Members Joined – Nikhil ( Vishakhapatnam ) , Harsh ( Bhopal ) ,Ketul ( Ahmedabad ) , Anil ( Ahmedabad ) , Nitin ( Barnala ) , Chittaranjan ( Surat ) , Bhupendra ( Nagda ) .

🌱 Assignment Details –

Ketul – Started assignment on Consecutive Behaviour .

Chittaranjan – Started assignment on Consecutive Behaviour .

Nikhil – First day in MOOC .

Harsh – Made a video Introduction with friends.

Nitin – Made Video Introduction with friend.

Bhupendra – started working on Roadmap assignment .

🌱 Movies Review

Harsh – Watched Parmanu movie .

Nikhil – watched a movie in Feb. Padmavati . He explained why one community is against this movie.

Chittaranjan – shared some what’s videos details and explained about a website which can make clone of your voice ( Chittaranjan may tell name of that website ? ) .

Ketul – watched his first movie without family . Carle by Rajnikanth …. 😎 [ Must Watch ]

🌱 Songs Round –

Winner – Ketul bhai from Ahmedabad , Fantastic performance with guitar . And still those lyrics of Gujarati songs giving peace to my soul.

And a Song by Nikhil our main message of today’s Hangouts
” Sari umra hum , mar mar k ji liye … Ek pal toh ab Hume jeene do jeene do “🌈

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  1. Satyendra Srivastava 1 year ago

    Thanks, Harsh! This is the most creative manifestation of acceptance… you are on the right track.

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