Hangouts Meeting Report ( 30 /6 /2018 )

Date – 30/06/2018

So today the Hangouts were conducted successfully .

Here are some key points of the Hangouts :

1. All the participants were very disciplined throughout the meeting .

2. All the participants spoke very beautifully with no fear and gave their answers very well .

3. All the persons told about their goal of their life but one thing was common that all of them are interested in helping fellow stammerers and in whole they want to contribute something to the society .

4. All the members have some basic knowledge of NC Bengaluru but some participants were new so they will learn more with time .

5. Suggestions – mohsin sir from Kashmir and mayank sir just told that it is not possible for them to join TISA MOOC , so they had requested that can we conduct TISA Google hangouts twice in a week ?

My Expirience – It is always a pleasure to host the Google Hangout meeting . By hosting a meeting it gives confidence to oneself.
I had a goal that I too want to work for the society as a whole but before that I want to communicate effectively .

Thank you for reading so patiently .

Mk harsh , Bhopal , madhya Pradesh .

  1. Satyendra Srivastava 12 months ago

    “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”

  2. Arun Gorain 12 months ago

    Hi guys, I am Arun. I am from Kolkata. I want to join TISA. and want to attend session of TISA.I contact Kusal from Kolkata. He said no Meeting is happening for the more than 1 year or so. So I want to know, the place nearest to kolakta . where TISA organises session or meeting.

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