Stammering : “Gift of god ; to me .”

This afternoon : I’m going back to my old days ; when i get so depressed after a single incidence where i stammered . I feels so ashamed and guilt . But something happened when i joined that Whats App group ” TISA Self Help Group “ few years back . I still remember those days when in 10 times a day i ask ” Anyone is free for call “ and from there this journey started . I started answering questions of people on whats app group , ” Altough I am a Nerd and still I am “ .  Then started those hangouts calls and joining MOOC – 1 . Everything happened in a sequence i feels like god wants to teach me something . Whenever I am depressed God bought a person in my life as Sachin Sir . Harish Sir , Dixit Sir , Vishal Gupta Sir , Atul Sir and my Vipul Bhai . And Slowly Slowly I started to think everyone like my family member . They all want to teach me something everyday . This Special People + My adverse Life Conditions = Confident Hakla . Now i loves this word stammerer so much . Even if someone tell me you dont stammer ; I get angry on him and tell him to call me a stammerer .  If I am not a stammerer , So I might be a normal guy working in a MNCs , earning some money and get dead after 80 . This Life seems to be so boring to me if i watch it from eyes of  a Non – PWS  . Nor i get people like with whom I am today . Nor Someone ever appreciated on just making a video .

Working with so many people gives deep satisfaction to heart , and too gives meaning to this life . Where you are not running in  a race to win but to live everyday ; Fully .To enjoy every moment Fully and stammer freely . I never ever thought i might be so stubborn . I recall my those memories and laughs when i goes in interviews without preparing questions but just i am aware that I will not be selected because i am a stammerer . And when life slaps you on your face 24 times then you get to know ; I am doing something wrong . And i still read every mail and whats app text of Sachin Sir and Harish Sir . Because that are some golden words which works in every situation of life . I think a PWS can do anything once he come beyond stammering mindset . Make a lot of friends in TISA . Learn new languages from them . Meet with them on hangouts , Skype and messenger . These all are like blessings from god . I learned few gujrati words from Vipul and Ketul Bhai . Learning Bengali from Somnath Da . And learning important lessons of life every sunday in Co – Co- Coffee with Sachin . What else i may demand from my life , god given me the best gift as  ” Stammering ” and ” The Indian Stammering Association ” and I dont know how volunteering become my hobby ‘one day’. One thing i learned by my stammer ” Just be in present  accept it , enjoy it , embrace it . ” There are more wonderful things in this world are waiting for you when once you start accepting your quirks and living your life . This wonderful lesson i learned by NINA G.  I feels glad to watch her comedy shows . Soon I am too planning to become a Part time comedian . Because we all get just one life and Just try out everything what you can . Stammering can never be a barrier if you make it your friend and go on walk with him everyday , Write something about it , you show whole world your love about your stammer . This is my short love letter to my stammer . I loves when someone call me B…..B……B……..Bhupendra  instead of rukha sukha Bhupendra . I just believes in one phrase of a book by Preeti Shenoy ” IT HAPPENS FOR A REASON ” 

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    (July 8, 2018 - 6:15 pm)

    Interestingly, I too was going thru Mooc archives today and came across these deep lines from a participant (mooc 1). I think such exchanges have enriched my life too, beyond imagination. Long live stammering! And all such diversities..

    “Underneath the outward appearance of stammering, there is a real person with real feelings and emotions wanting to communicate something. This person is no different than a fluent speaker in that he has desires, dreams and ambitions. He wants to be loved and accepted by family and friends. He is, in other words, as complete a human being as a fluent speaker..”

    And the writer is – ofcourse, Joel Martis!

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