Bangalore SHG report 15 July 2018

This is a report after a long time. We had two new members in this week’s SHG. They came to know about TISA from Google. We are seeing many new faces now-a-days who come from Google. It shows that group is growing. Anyway, I got late to the meeting due to regularity of BMTC not being punctual. Meeting was already started when I reached. Annasaheb had took the initiative and meeting was in full flow. Dev was giving his first introduction and experiences what he faces in day to day life. Slowly people continued to join and at the end, we were 7 people in the SHG. A perfect number for a good meeting.
Since we had two new members, we delayed the usual activities and proceed to answer doubts of the new members. After that, we did our impromptu round. Old members have become quite comfortable with the impromptu. New members might have faced some issues but they will also be comfortable in some time. After impromptu, we did reading of the chapter 2 of AHJ. It talks about origin and nature of stammering. I am sure it must have been helpful for members to understand their stammering. Post reading session, we did experience sharing of stammering. This activity is to get the bad emotions related to stammering out.

Meanwhile their was another group coming which was very large in numbers. They continue to come and scatter around hut. They were a group of fresh and experienced HR graduates who gather yearly to help the new batch passing out. We thought and added one more activity. We talked to the group and asked them if we could introduce ourselves to the whole group. It was an awesome activity which took each of us out of the comfort zone.
With this nerve-racking activity, we finished our SHG meet.

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Post Author: Shobhit

2 thoughts on “Bangalore SHG report 15 July 2018


    (July 16, 2018 - 1:00 pm)

    Wow! You took a very creative decision on the move (“Thinking on your feet”) and ended up with an event, which I am sure, must have educated HR guys as much as the pws. Because good HR will always respect diversity and do their level best to accommodate it.. May be, you can send out a mailer to other HRs of various firms in Bangluru, with this photo and with this idea: Send your trainee HR, for an exposure to diversity.. once every month or so. You guys are TRAINERS now!

    Bhupendra Singh Rathore

    (July 20, 2018 - 12:50 am)

    Wonderful Shobhit ! Thanks for this blog , it seems like a mini NC in cubbon park . Having a Introduction with so many HR Professionals seems to be a interesting idea .

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