Bangalore SHG announces “Make a Video and win prize”

As the time for conference is getting closer, Bangalore is getting ready to welcome the stutters to its wonderful weather and lush green environment. We are having lots of rain this year which is only due to good deeds done by Stutters. Bangalore SHG is very much eager and excited to host stutters from all over the nation.

To let the fever of NC grow over each, Bangalore SHG has announced a great contest. Anyone with a past experience with TISA can participate in this contest. All you have to do is to make a video of 2 to 4 min on Why to attend NC in Bengaluru this year. End date for the contest is 15 Aug. The winner would receive  a sum of 1000Rs and a special gift in the NC.

The contest is already started. You can watch Pramod below explaining Why you should attend NC this year in Bangalore.

So Why wait? Take your cell phone out and record a video. Tell us Why should I attend The TISA National conference and how meeting so many stutters in one place is million in one experience.

Adding the videos as they are coming:

Soma Sharing her past two NC experiences.

Aakash Sharing his NC experience:

Keertan sharing why he joined TISA SHG and how it helped him:


For any queries regarding NC, please contact Shobhit. Mob: 9990449976; Email:

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1 thought on “Bangalore SHG announces “Make a Video and win prize”


    (July 21, 2018 - 2:21 pm)

    The video is excellent!! Congrats to Pramod!! Congrats to whole of BLR-SHG. I am sure, Cubbon park, will acquire the status of Sarnath Deer Park, in times to come.. (Buddha gave sermon there… Many of you are doing equally amazing things there)

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