Shailender Biography 4th part (ICICI Bank job chapter)

Hello friends this is my forth story of my biography in which I am only sharing the chapter of my ICICI bank job of 40 days. This I am sharing late but some time we offer sweet dish in last because that is best part of food served. There are around 1600 words in it. That needs to share this completely separate.

This was around time of 2005 or 2006 that time I just got job in ICICI credit card sales team through some one’s reference. I was very bad stammerer that time of period. I some time not able to speak a single word for several minutes but again try to speaking. That is monsoon time in Delhi. Our office was located in East Patel Nagar. Our sales manager was very nice man. He take meeting of his team at the park that located just front of our office. He told me in starting that he will take me trial bases as he is not sure I able to work or not and if I not able to performed then he will take out me as I am the only one who responsible to loss the average of total team target. I was new so I was just watching how he taking class of the entire team member. First they gave me task that there is one campaign came in where ICICI giving totally free credit card to the entire reputed nationalized bank like SBI. So in starting they send one experienced executive with me and guide me that learn the 2-3 lines what you need to tell in first meeting.

Line was that Hello sir My name is Shailender I am executive in ICICI Bank Credit Card department. ICICI offering a free credit card to all the SBI employees (if I am in SBI) and ICICI Bank if very long word as I am many thousands time struck in ICICI Bank word in one month period. In last I start speaking I am from Bank as who care I am from which bank but some time they ask question which bank you came that was very horrible time as I have to answer the counter questioning of most difficult word and I not remember I speak even for one time answer properly of counter questioning. When a senior executive come with me that was ok, he will handle difficult situation but after 2-3 days he also hands up as he has to share half of his cards business with me and he was only working that time of period when I start going alone it was very horrible as in starting I started visited nationalized banks many time manager called guard and guard pushed me outside that private bank sales man not allowed there. Many times I have to stand in queue of cash as I need to explain my sales presentation to cashier and to talk to cashier I need to stand in queue. Many times I stand in queue for 1 hour just to give presentation of 30 seconds and in all 1 hour I do practice how I need to present. In 1 hour I am in comfort zone as I have much time to speak. The counter which maximum covered I also make myself as coverage of counter to speak my words. The counter works well to giving my presentation. But, I not able to crack the sale. In my team many are able to give daily basis 10 cases and I not able to crack even 1 case in 2-3 days. One case only give us 100 rupees if we sell more then there will be extra incentives. There are very limited banks in one area so I need to travel more.

I got a lead from office for one reference I not recognized that lead located the other corner of Delhi from my office. I called them and they gave the appointment and they said come today I again said today? And they replied and said come today and this located just another corner and I have to go to there by bus that time there were around 1pm I reached there around 4 pm and I returned again around 8 pm in office just for Rs. 100 rs. And I spent around 40 rs. In up down and after returned office I realized that one paper I miss there but I sent the application without that paper and after 15 days the application rejected and returned and demanded that paper then I again called there for that paper and the customer shouted and cancelled my booking.

My father gave me his scooter to sell more cards. Now I have to earn scooter petrol too with my sales. That time of period metro not available on maximum routes and bus take too much time to travel any locations. So if I am in any area I try to sell all other outlets my card as in nationalized bank card was free for officer grade employees and all other persons the card will chargeable around 500 rs. I left my home around 9 am to reached home around 9 pm or some time later too. First I report to office then we go to market then again report to office in evening then we go to home. If we crack few sales then we can take permission from our group leader to directly go home and most cases I not able to cracking the sales so I need to go first office then home. So there will be double time I need to travel.

My team leader saw my dedication and helps me. He hands over me to the best performer of the team member. He was really cool guy.  He was selling daily average of 10 cases and I was struggling even for one case a day. He told his trick of selling. He told me that he put the owner of one petrol pump in the mirror (sheeshe mein utara hua hai). He daily come to that petrol pump and upto night stay that petrol pump. He talk to the cars owner mostly and convince them to sell a free credit card as there were one scheme that if we give with the receipt of 500 rs Petrol then one IOCL cum ICICI credit card giving free of cost and with this credit card bank also waving off the 2.5% transaction fees so if you fill up Rs. 500 petrol then only 500 will be charged. This the daily explained there. He also said some time he sold 20 cases but hold few cases and give only 10 cases per day and some time also he take leaves without informing his team leader and he is best performer then team leader also not interrupt him. He 1-2 days help me and I able to sold 2-3 case that day by own but after 2-3 days he said He is going to next petrol pump and my sales also going down after he left. The petrol pump manager also fed up from me as I explain is big thing I not able to tell the ICICI Bank name atleast. There was too much noisy, too much pollution too much crowded I spend there whole day but in 1 hour I became completely black because of pollution. But one thing is there better that I not spending much money in travelling.

Some time I made sales but I not able to explain them you have to give me 500 rs receipt of petrol to avail this card free of cost and he was so quick while filling up the petrol he explained them all things when he filling 300 rs he interrupt in middle and said please fill up for 500 rs then this card will be free for you and petrol manager get because of this sale 200 rs extra petrol so the petrol manager sale increased because of this card sale. I not able to copes this. I choose the last car in the queue and there is around 6 cars in front of that car I am trying to explain and the after filling petrol stand in pollution queue and then stand in air filling queue and gone and I am struggling to speaking the name of ICICI bank only. That happened many times with me. Some time I made the sale but one ID proof not able to get and then I need to travel 40 km far to get proof.

My father saw me in struggle and after 40 days he not allow me to continue that job as he not able to watch me in struggle. But I really want to continue that job. May be I start loving the struggle of mine and struggle of my team who also accepting me as who I am and taking me with them. I also received call from my team leader that I earned 1600 in 40 days sales but I not go to collect the money as I was angry to my father and said if I continue my job then only I collect the salary of one month. But my father not wants at any cost to allow me to continue that job. This was the story of my ICICI Bank job chapter


Shailender Vinayak

Delhi Coordinator

Mob.: 9911659788

  1. satyendra 10 months ago

    Your story touched my heart, Shailendra! Reminded me the book: The Silent Pause! and Hunter’s life..
    I am sure you are a tough man today,because you have been through all these difficult times..
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. ABHISHEK KUMAR 10 months ago

    I loved this sweet dish Shailendraji… Your job was such that you had to face your demons every-hour, every-day. There was no comfort zone at all!!!! I have noticed that during any TISA seminar you seem to be calm and composed before your event. You become the power-house once your turn to conduct the seminar starts… You engage everyone in the audience and they have a lot of fun.. After your program is over , you become your old self immediately-calm, composed, measured… Now I know where that self-assured composure of yours comes from… This story was very inspirational for me..

  3. click here 7 months ago

    I am sure you are a tough man today,because you have been through all these difficult times..

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