Bangaore SHG report 29-07-2018

As every week, this meeting also started around 11AM. This is becoming our starting time. I also reached at 10:30 as I got late last night. Anyway, When I reached Anna was already there. We started talking about many things. When meeting started, we were four people. Nishil also joined in first activity. We started with simple introduction just so people can know about each other. Then we did introduction with a twist. We had to create a character on the spot and introduced ourselves as him. It was kind of an extempore but introduction. It also exercised our creativity muscle.

After that we did extempore activity. Then, our fourth activity was to read from the AHJ which got replaced by block correction technique. This I can say was the highlight of SHG. We practiced a lot with the techniques and also tried to implement that in our speech. We also practiced voluntary stuttering which is a difficult even for a PWS. I am really disappointed to say that PWS can’t even stutter perfectly when asked :P. Jokes apart, voluntary stuttering really shows us where we are standing in our life. I noticed we lose our eye contact and control of other muscles even though it’s a volunteer  stutter. Reverse psychology playing an awesome role here. I wish we could practice this a lot and I am sure we will.

After AHJ activity we did round robin. This was activity to create a story by adding sentences to the sentence said by previous speaker. This was fun as we created Abraham Lincoln a serial killer and womanizer. Haha. This activity was succeeded by experience sharing. We shared our highlights  of the week to everyone. This was the last activity of the SHG. We clicked a pic and closed the meeting.


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1 thought on “Bangaore SHG report 29-07-2018

    satyendra srivastava

    (July 30, 2018 - 9:30 pm)

    It is possible to reverse engineer a block into “normal” speech- by practicing voluntary stammering. It is like drinking bitter gourd juice, first thing in the morning. But it can be done and it is so good for health!

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