Bangalore SHG Report 5 Aug 2018

After arriving at Cubbon Park pretty early, I waited for other members to join. In the meantime I called some of the contacts from PR list for updating them about upcoming NC. After a while Shubham arrived and we started discussing about various things on stammering. We spoke about  stammering with respect to family history, mimicking a stammer of other person. We talked about how we react to different situations in office and how these affect our stammer. In all today’s was an brief but very enjoyable meet with a very pleasant weather. We forgot to take pic this time.

– AnnaSaheb Kalange

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1 thought on “Bangalore SHG Report 5 Aug 2018

    satyendra srivastava

    (August 11, 2018 - 1:48 pm)

    Well done Annasaheb… A positive Attitude turns everything into an opportunity and an enjoyable experience.. Keep meeting and keep sharing!

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