Ahmedabad SHG Meetup 【12-Aug-2018】

Hello All!


Our meeting started sharp at 8am at a peaceful place inside the Vastrapur lake garden.
The session was hosted by Ketul Gandhi and was attended by Sharadara Tale, Smith Panchal, Maitrey Jani & Veer Trivedi.
The session was started by Ketul Gandhi by giving the members a brief about the TISA, what it stands for and what are its motives. Then all the attendees are told to give their introduction by using the pausing Technique.
After this all the attendees were told to share their dream future plan and what are they doing to achieve it. Through this we got to know each other more and felt more connected with each other.
After this we played a small fun game of tongue twister, the twister was ‘Can you can a can as a canner can can a can’ yes it was not easy but was fun.
After this energizer activity we had a very good & objective group discussion on the recent actions taken by Ahemdabad police to curb the traffic problem, many good points were raised and it was indeed a good & informative discussion.
After this all the attendees sang a song individually.
That was the final activity lastly all the attendees gave their feedback about the meet-up and the session ended on a high note.
Already waiting for the next meet-up.
T-T-Thank -you.

Written by Veer Trivedi

  1. Naresh 9 months ago

    Very well doing sir
    Your shg is going on it’s indeed outstanding
    Very very great…

  2. satyendra srivastava 9 months ago

    Well done Ketul!
    Nothing stops you!
    Keep challenging yourself and others..

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