Anticipation – Bengaluru SHG – 12-8-2018

Sunday morning – 10:15 AM Bengaluru,

When i reached cubbon park Annasaheb and Mohit were chit chatting in our small hut(It is being used by our shg every week since last few years – so it has become ours – verbally atleast). It was a pleasant meet with annasaheb who is a familiar face in shg , Mohit was attending shg after a long break.

Mohit has graduated in Masters from IISC and is currently working with the Raman Institute, welcome back Mohit.

We were soon joined by Devaiah, Sudhanshu and Ankit as we started with SHG Activities.

Introduction Round : This cannot and will not go away, as it is the first thing that we utter when we meet a new soul. We rehearsed our well
rehearsed introductions and got to know few new details of the rest.
Impromptu Speeches : We gave exercise to creative side of the brain to cook something fast in the 3 minutes of allotted time. Everyone enjoyed
speaking on random topics.
Experience Sharing : Each one of us shared couple of experiences we had , one on the first time we stuttered and how we felt about it and how has it
been in the past week/ month.
We discussed indian scientists, ISRO and their contribution to science and technology. Few interesting facts emerged and we had ankit to clarify few more doubts regarding ISRO.
NC Discussion : We moved on to the NC discussion and how the PR team was tackling the calling list for NC 2018 Bengaluru.

With a half a day remaining , we said goodbye to the little hut till we meet again next week.

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