SHG Meetup Ahmedabad (19.08.2018)

Hello All !

Sharing a Report of Today’s Self-help group Meeting writen by Vikrant Soni

  • Today’s hangout meeting started around 8.10 am and hosted by Vipul Ubhadia
  • Following were the participants:
    Vikrant Soni, Smit, Ketul, Harshil, Bhupendra Ji, Shardari , Dinesh ,Veer ,Vijay, Vipul
  • First session was Introduction of yourself by any technique…
    First all participants distributed in two group and introduce them self fist and then in group they introduce their partner.
    This is the I think best method I have seen first time while concerning such a SHG meet.
  • Second session was about What is Acceptance for Stammering?
    All participants one by one come forward and shows their idea in front of group. After each participant’s speech Vipul ji has explained in detail.
  • Third round was play game in group. We played puzzle like game to speak Zip, Zap, Zop .
  • Fourth round was Speak to our friends or relatives on phone about stammering and how they looks to us?
    All participants has made call to their respective relatives and then reported one by one in front of the group, and share their views how people are thinking about stammering.
    The advantages of such type of agenda is it removes the fear of stammering and allows us to acceptance very well.
  • The fifth and final round was playing mathematical puzzle like game.
    All participants stood in circle and played game.
    The advantage of this type of game is to act our mind fast and help to focus and concentration..
  • In today’s meeting we all learn about Acceptance and about me I feel like that I am practicing public speaking and it
    Will really help in removing the fear slowly..

Written by Vikrant Soni



Post Author: Ketul Gandhi

1 thought on “SHG Meetup Ahmedabad (19.08.2018)

    Raman Maan

    (August 19, 2018 - 10:11 pm)

    It takes courage to come out n attend SHG regularly… Hats off to all fighters who are just fighting for their a very basic dream…Just to convey what they really want to without any obstruction… Physically or Mentally…

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