Ahmedabad SHG meeting report- 02/09/2018.

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Our new mic and speaker.

We met at 8 o’clock in the morning and we started our meeting around 8.10 a.m. and this meeting had been hosted by smit panchal. There were total 5 participants Smit panchal, Vikrant soni, sharadree tale, Veer trivedi and Harshil damor.

Ahmedabad SHG has purchased mic and speaker to manage and overcome stage fear.

Round 1- It was introduction round with bouncing technique. All participants had used bouncing technique in the mic; it was amazing experience.

Round 2- It was Energizer round in which we made group of two people and played a game named “count the number” this round helped us to focused more.

Round 3-  it was “talk on a topic” in which surprise topic was given to us and we are supposed to prepare given topic within 1 minute after that we have to speak on that topic until red card appeared. Usually it appears after 3 minutes.  This kind of activity helps us to improve brainstorming.

Round 4- in this round we used voluntary stammering in a call center and every participant shared their experience of voluntary stammering after completing the round.

Round 5- in the last round there was group discussion on “should be there coaching classes or not” We divided two groups, smit  and shardaree was in favor of coaching classes and veer, harshil and vikrant was in agents of coaching classes and we discussed Pros and Cons and we reached to the conclusion.

Group discussion helps us in following area: It helps in Learning more – It increases your understanding of a subject or a lesson, It helps in generating more ideas about a topic, It lets you know about your mistakes and weaknesses

Meeting was nicely hosted by Smit with some different agenda. Thank you -Vikrant Soni.

  1. Rahul Yadav 1 year ago

    I want to join the SHG.
    Can I know the contact no./whatsapp group.


    • Author
      Smit Panchal 1 year ago

      hi rahul, this is msit here from Ahmedabad SHG. please message me on 8866286707 will add you in Ahmedabad SHG whatsapp group. thanks!

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