More Than Silence | Stammering Documentary by Ananth Mohan | Ahmedabad SHG, TISA

More Than Silence

A documentary film which narrates some interesting stories of some people who deals with stuttering (stammering) in their daily life.


Runtime: 22 minutes 35 seconds
Film Language: English, Hindi

Director– Ananth Mohan

Writer– Ananth Mohan

Producer– Ananth Mohan


Production photos:

Anil sahu, Pratik sharma, Vivek puri, Harshil damor, Shailesh shah, Vipul ubhadiya (member of Ahmedabad SHG)


Director- Ananth Mohan (PWS)

1 Comment
  1. satyendra srivastava 8 months ago

    Well done team! Very good documentary…
    Invite Anant mohan too, to nc, and screen it in nc..

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