SHG Ahmedabad Meetup( 09.09.2018)

Ahmedabad SHG Report
Date : 10.09.2018

Hello Friends !

I would like to share report of Yesterday’s Self-help group Meeting.

We 12 Members met at Vastrapur Lake on 9th September, 2018.

So , Meeting was hosted by a Ms Shardaree Tale and she has designed whole agenda as following manner.

◆1st Activity◆
Cross Introduction Round with use of Pausing Technique

In this activity, were divided in two -two pairs group where one person was supposed to introduce other by using pausing technique.

◆2nd Activity◆
Energizer Round
We played Add-on Game where every one will add different city name turn by turn and have to speak all cities name in sequence

So learning from these activity was to shine your sharp memory for long run

And winner of the Energizer Mr. Rahul awarded with Chocolate bar.

◆3rd Activity◆
Talk on Topic Round
Our Host Mr. Sharadaree Tale has made few surprise Topic chit
So we all had spoke for 3 min on random Alloted Topic

So winner of these round is Mr. Harshil Macchar ,His content was excellent as per group voting.

◆4th Activity◆
Call or speak to stranger
Everyone has performed these activity very well.

◆5th Activity◆
Debate on Cricket V/s Other Games
We were divided in two group and conclude that in last we should focus on other Athletics game too for encourage new comers

◆Short Summary◆

today we have done wonderful SHG meeting and we have enjoyed a lot. the meeting hosted by shardree was great experience, she made the meeting memorable. we have done activity like introduction, played a game name was addon, volunteer stuttering in phone call, speaking on unknown topics and debate on cricket and other games.

Here Enclosed some best Photographs of the Meetup .

All photographs Edited by Smit Panchal

Written by Maitrey Jani




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  1. satyendra srivastava 9 months ago

    Wow! So many interesting and “intelligent” activity- and so much fun! Ahmedabad group is coming up with surprising speed.. Congrats everyone!

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