Report of Hangout Conducted on 15/09/2018

We had organized an online hangout on 15-09-2018 as part of regular Saturday hangouts. Due to huge response from the Participants, three links were created for hangout. The hosts of the hangout were M. K. Harsh, Pushp Kumar and Dr Sweta Ruparel.

Report of hangout conducted on link 1 (Prepared by host, M. K. Harsh) :

I am M K harsh from Bhopal ( M P ).
We started our hangout at exact 9 pm .
Initially I was feeling nervous , because I was hosting the hangout after many days then with the constant support of Abhishek sir , and somnath sir the things went well .

In our group ( link) there were only three members , so each one of us had got enough time to speak , all of them had spoken very beautifully.

We had a great discussion on each and everything that was in our agenda .

There was a question in our agenda , that how do you feel when someone mocks you because of your stammering and I am very happy that all of the members had told that now they don’t bother about others , that what the other person is thinking. This shows that now each and every member has started to accept his or her stammering .

Other than that , the hangout was just superb .The other two participants other than me was very patiently listening to me and had answered all of the questions very patiently.

All in all it was a great hangout meeting .

Thank you. for reading.

Report of Hangout Conducted on link 2(Prepared by host, Pushp Kumar) :

Hangout has been started at 9.00 PM with only one participant. About after 10 minutes, 3 members joined us. Out of 5 members, 2 members are new who joined hangout first time and they are the senior teacher.
In the first round, participants have introduced themselves with each other in a suitable technique. After completing the first point, we move to the second point in which all of us have to tell a story of any film in your words. All participants have told a story of film beside one participant. By doing this, we got idea about narration of a story. I told a Baghban movie story in which an orphan child gave more value to a person who help in his growth.
Then in next point, we shared the personal experience facing during the state of stammering. All members shared their personal experience in a positive manner. By this point, we learnt that what type of problems other members are facing in stammering. Further, we shared our activities for controlling our stammering. Each of us have shared their personal workout for controlling stammering. In the last point, that is my favourite, we have to exchange feedback. All members gave only positive feedback. No one has given negative feedback that is not good thing for growing in future (my opinion). So next time, I will try to take negative feedback with positive feedback.At 10.15 PM, the hangout has finished.

Report of Hangout Conducted on link 3 (Prepared by host, Dr Sweta Ruparel) :

We started the hangout sharp at 9 PM. At the beginning there were 5 to 6 members. We started with introduction round. At the beginning of hangout most of the people including me are nervous so we begin introduction round with voluntary stuttering to remove fear of stammering. By the 9:15 PM, there were 9 people in the hangout. There were times when the hangout link was full. Among the participants, almost 7 to 8 members’ name was starting from S! We created 3 links this time so everyone gets enough time to speak. It seems that name starting with S will require a separate link next time! 😂😂

In round 2 all of us discussed about our passion (not hobby). Participants shared about their variety of passion like singing, astronomy, social work, politics, debate etc.

In round 3 we discussed about our small/big achievement during last week. Mostly we PWS concentrate more on our failures and negetive things. So this round was kept to register our achievements and develop positive outlook.

In round 4 all of us set a goal for ourselves to come out of our comfort zone during upcoming week. By sharing our goal our determination will definitely increase to challange ourselves.

It was a very nice experience and we learned a lot of new things from each other!!!

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