SHG Ahmedabad Meetup 23.09.2018


Hello All !

Hope you all doing fine

I would like to share report dated 23.09.2018

So as usual we all gathered at Vastrapur Lake which is prime location for every one

Presence Participants of SHG meets as follows
1. Vikrant soni (Host)
2. Vipul Ubhadiya
3. Shailesh Shah
4. Sharadaree Tale
5. Ramavtar Prajapati
6. Hemang Chipani
7. Smit Panchal
8. Pankaj Pandey
9. Pradip Rajput
10. Ketul Gandhi

Mr. Vikarant Soni got chance to Host these SHG Meetup and yes he has designed Agenda in Very well manner.

lets start brief learning from performed activity

*1st Activity*
Introduction with their mothertongue language

Every one did very well with use of different technique

And yes some of us belonged from different continental language so had great fun to listened introduction in different languages.

*2nd Activity*
Talk on Topic Round
Every memember need to present any topic from their knowledge area

Every one has elaborated their view for 5 min

*3 rs activity*
Stranger survey/ talk with use of voulantary technique

A purpose of these activity is How other people react on person who stammer
So feedback from these activity was very positive

*4th Activity*
Energizer Round
We always keep one Energizer activity in our agenda to enerzize our self

*5th Activity*
Experience sharing /feedback Round



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