My experience #10 The Boy who stammer !

Hi friends ,

Yesterday i went to post office for inquiry regarding account opening. The lady called to her colleague and told her my case – in between to recall him she told him that  ” Ye wo ladka hai jo Haklata hai ” – I heard this . For initial few second , i felt bad . But within next few second i told myself that look, this is the identity with which you are living for many years , so why should we reluctant to accept this identity – if we don’t accept our stammering who else will accept – This small incident show me that yes , you are progressing – you are accepting your stammering .

Generally we don’t feel good when people remember us as a stammerer. This very identity can be used as in positive sense – People can remember us the stammer who have done something great , something outstanding in our field , our day to day life with family and friends – we must use stammering a path guider in our life , not as a hindrance or obstacle . Normally any one can do anything , but Maza to tab aata hai , when you don’t have something and still you do everything.


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  1. yes, Raman, you are progressing; you are accepting your stammering. Your words showing the courage you showed. It feels bad when people recognize us as a stammerer instead of our original identity. But as you said if we don’t accept our stammering who else will accept. and I agree with you stammering is a path guider in our life.

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