Publication of proceedings of TISA National Conference 2018.

Sub: Publication of proceedings of TISA National Conference 2018.
All of us would agree , that TISA NC 2018 was a great conference and we had significant insights and takeaways. It is worthy of compiling our insights or takeaway’s from the Conference, into a world class publication This would benefit PWS across the globe. It would also serve for advocacy sessions.
Enclosed above is a  Visual of how the Final publication would look like ( Thanks to Harish for designing the cover page).
Many of you have started  sharing your 3 learnings (that we imbibed from this wonderful 3 day conference).
This is a humble request to
– Those who have posted your 3 insights/learning takeaways on whatsapp NC~ 2018 group to re-post it here in this blog thread.
– Those who are yet to post their 3 insights/learnings , may post here in this blog thread by 12th October ’18.
– Those who wish to share their ‘moment of liberation’ ( like during a particular stranger talk episode) , can share it in this thread.
Guidelines to help you write:-
– Do not worry about English or Grammar. Just post Dil se. A TISA volunteer will reach out to you to refine the English/grammar.
– Strike the iron when it is hot. Post your insights in next 1 week(by 12th Oct) as you feel enthused and energized after NC.
– Remember – your post in this book may be read by a PWS in USA or Ethiopia , who has not heard of TISA or SHG. So frame your note, such that it can be understood by any PWS
– You would have 1 full page in the book – exclusively for YOU. Make your mark by sharing your experience and break-throughs
– No bullet points or 1 liners. You can share in 3  paras, less than 200 words each , thoughtfully written , so that everyone can be inspired and motivated by it.

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9 thoughts on “Publication of proceedings of TISA National Conference 2018.

    Harish Usgaonker

    (October 5, 2018 - 12:19 am)

    To the Wonderland and Back!

    As I write this, the buzz of NC is still echoing around me. The three days of NC in Bengaluru was like a wonderland experience for me. The entire process of being in touch with Bengaluru SHG throughout the planning and organizing of NC was a learning process for me. I will be sharing a few nuggets I gathered in this blog.

    It all started when on a late wintery evening I got a call from Anupam with an idea- “How about Bengaluru hosting next NC?” And thus the seed of NC 2018 was sown. The quest for the venue began. Anupam along with Abhinav were on the lookout and visited several potential venues till they finally zeroed on to the CRI Brother’s Institute. The stage was set.

    Now it was the team formation. The Bengaluru SHG members jumped in for volunteering to be in the organizing team. The teams were formed in no time, right from registration, to PR to finances and others. I was amazed by the team spirit and the self-starter nature of the members.

    For quite some time, the registrations were not picking up. The event was just 50-60 days away and we had about 70 odd registrations. This was the time when the entire team came together, worked tirelessly, called each and every SHG coordinator, members, pitched the idea of NC, and lo and behold… we had a whopping 125+ registrations that was achieved never before.

    I have said this several times, and I will mention it again- a lot of thought was put into agenda content. Giving in return a quality event and all participants would have a lot of takeaways was stressed upon. The events like mini-SHGs, Voice workshop, inviting guest speakers, online sessions. A lot of work has been happening in the background.

    The three major takeaways for me as I returned from NC 2018 were-

    1. I have always believed that fluency was not a measure of good communication. But I never would have imagined that much more can be done with our voice and that there are exercises specifically for voice. Animesh’s Voice workshop was amazing revelation.

    2. The way Chandan Nagraj planned the Stranger Talk activity was amazing. This was the best example of exceeding the expectations and giving 110% to the work. Chandan was innovative to come up with tasks with various difficulty levels. But not just that, he even provided a sample conversation, tips and ground rules and some supporting information on Approach – Avoidance conflict that explains the situation a PWS goes through when doing stranger talk. Kudos to Chandan and team for this exemplary effort.

    3. Ankit’s anchoring skills. I was surprised to hear that Ankit was in touch with the SHG since just 6 months. It’s amazing to see his confidence. He also had apt fillers in between events so that the flow of the event continued. Lesson learnt? When we break the imaginary clutches of stammering, we unlock the hidden talents that are already inculcated in us.

    Finally, hats off to the team spirit of Bengaluru SHG. I was made to feel like home by everyone- Abhinav, Nishil, Dinesh, Jonali, Ankit, Chandan, Anupam, Shobit – sorry if I missed some names, but all of you were awesome. Your hospitality is superb. Shilpa and Aashima also did fantastic work even if they were remote volunteers. Thanks to them, that the online sessions (Pamela Mertz and Pooja Vijay) were possible. I returned home being richer. Thanks to all of you!

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    Gaurav gaur

    (October 5, 2018 - 3:02 am)

    This was my first NC and it has given me alot of confidence not just in overcoming stammering but also in living with stammering
    The moto of TISA acceptance was well portrayed by each person who participated in NC . It taught me that there is life beyond stammering n we should focus on that rather than just thinking abt it .All speakers like Manimaran sir ,Animesh sir ,Joshua sir ,Harish sir , Vikram sir , Pooja , tarunidhar , anuprita , Pradeep sir ,Pamela mam , Dinesh sir , Anupam sir ,Shilpa mam , Sweta mam were motivating n had positive energy in them . Big thanks to begaluru shg group for their efforts n cool n calm attitude .

      Madhavan Rao

      (October 6, 2018 - 2:42 pm)

      Thanks Gaurav, Well put.

      Have a special request for you for the Publication, where each NC participant will have 1 exclusive page for sharing their takeaways in a way that will be useful to other pws ( also outside of TISA or India).

      Request you to send half page to 1 page – with your 3 learnings/ takeaways , how significant or liberating it was for you and any touching experience you had during NC ( like narrating an interesting episode of stranger talk or any other significant engagement you had).

      Write it in way , that others will be touched and feel inspired to write their learnings in an interesting way.

      For any support on this pl feel to contact me on whatsapp/call


    Madhavan Rao

    (October 5, 2018 - 1:43 pm)

    Thanks Harish. Very well written and inspiring.

    We hope all the 125+ participants will post their learnings on this thread.

    Each person can author 1 page in the Publication.

    Let me know any suggestions for this.


    Rajgauri Vedpathak

    (October 6, 2018 - 9:33 am)

    I learnt many things, but to be precise, here are the 3:

    1. I used to think that I alone have disastrous problem, but after attending NC I came to know that I’m not alone.
    Everyone who came here has amazing and inspiring life journey.

    2. I learnt ACCEPTANCE. And because of this, the fear of future has gone!!!!

    3. Pursuing hobbies is an important part of our life. What we do is, we think about stammering all the time. We should not let it control ourselves.
    Also practice gratitude and thankfulness.

    Thanks everyone… Looking forward to meet you again in Bhopal.

    Rajgauri Vedpathak

    (October 6, 2018 - 9:35 am)

    Dr Nitin singla

    (October 10, 2018 - 10:11 am)

    Hello guys, nc 2018 was a great experience….it was my 2nd nc after 2017 in Chandigarh….I think after 1st nc, m addicted to nc environment….it feels really great to see so many pws from all over country n it’s a great learning experience…it’s nice to see that regardless of stammering, many are working as leaders in their respective professions n are even better speakers than non pws….I will attend every nc in future…my 3 major learning from 2018 Bengaluru nc are:
    1. We can achieve any height in our personal n professional life , even with stammering…
    2. Never let down the enthusiasm picked up in NC ….
    3. M not alone who is stammering ….also it’s just a diversity
    It was first time I came out of North India n go 2600km away from my home to attend nc….guys, let’s start to give importance to other areas of life than stammering, then stammering will improve automatically….thank you all

    Madhavan Rao

    (October 12, 2018 - 11:48 am)

    We have got amazing experiences sharing across the blog, whats app groups and email for the NC proceedings publication. We plan to collect atleast 100 such write-ups /articles for the publication. Each person will have 1 page reserved for them exclusively , which would have their name ( and perhaps photograph), their learning takeaways and something inspiring for all pws across the globe. We plan to make this an international class publication, that would be sought out by all pws across countries, institutions, SHG’s globally.

    Please make best use of your exclusive 1 page.


    satyendra srivastava

    (January 9, 2019 - 8:03 am)

    I saw the Puja Vijay video conference, since I was not able to attend NC physically. It was organised very well and she of course was very funny, in a nice intelligent human way…
    CURE centers, which claim that without curing stammering, you can’t do this, you can’t do that- and thus put lot of emotional pressure on pws and their families – Puja is perfect “shut up” kind of answer for them…
    well done Tisa, well done Puja!

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