Ahmedabad SHG Meeting ( 7/10/2018)

TISA Ahmedabad SHG organized an SHG Meeting on 7 October ( Sunday). Here is the list of participants of SHG Meet –

Vipul, Smit, Ketul, Shailesh, Veer, Vijay, Pradeep, Shardaree, Harshil, Ram, Bhupendra.

This meeting started at 8 am at Vastrapur lake at Ahmedabad. It started with the speech on a topic of our choice for 5 min. I talked on a topic ” My Ideal – Swami Vivekananda”. Then we have an interesting round of Jokes and movie dialogues. I liked it most as Vipul Bhai Done a Beautiful mimicry of Gabbar Singh in Sholay – ” Kitne Aadami The”. Then we have gone for Motivational Stories round. I told a famous incidence of Sachin with Shoeb Akhtar When a fastball hits his helmet and he was bleeding. But Still, his attitude was ” Me Khelega”. Finally, I will come to the best part of meeting ” Five Stars ” 😉 Our Beloved Host, Shailesh Bhai bought Toffies for all and we announced winners for each round. Our dear members Veer and Smit Bhai are the winners for today’s SHG Meet. Thanks, Ahmedabad SHG Team for organizing this meet. We also prepared a To Do list we are going to do in coming months which include Stammering Awareness  Day ( 22 October); We are planning for a Flash Mob at Sabarmati River Front on ISAD. Thanks again Ahmedabad SHG Team for your Self Less Efforts and arranging regular SHG Meetings.


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