Bhopal SHG meeting 7 Oct. report

Bhopal SHG meeting report

Venue – Yadgar A Shah janani park, Near lower lake, Bhopal. {MP}

Date – 07/10/2018

Hello all,

I am M K harsh from Bhopal madhya pradesh.  Today Bhopal SHG had conducted a meeting . We had discussed on various topics related to stammering. 

The first round was introduction round in any technique. Each participant had given his or her introduction  by using the techniques beautifully.  

Then the second round was , we had to tell the 3 most feared words.  Feared words are those words on which we stammer a lot.  So each and every participant had told the words beautifully by using bouncing,  prolongation , voluntary stammering and air flow technique. 

Then  we had a GD round on the topic 

Pros and cons of GST.  

Each and every participant had presented his her points beautifully.

After that we could not perform stranger talks because we were exceeding our time limit but next time we will also perform the stranger talks definitely.

Name – M. K harsh

TISA BHOPAL SHG coordinator

Mobile number -7000357420

  1. Raman Maan 1 year ago

    Keep it up Guys,👍👍

  2. Well Done Harsh and Team! You are doing tremendous work at Bhopal SHG. Specifically, I liked the GD Topic ” Pros and Cons ” of GST and Agenda; Keep burning fire in all members for National Conference next year.

    • M k harsh 1 year ago

      Thank you bhupendra sir.
      As I said I will make BHOPAL SHG the best SHG Of the country by next October 🙂

  3. M k harsh 1 year ago

    Thank you Raman sir and bhupendra sir for your kind words.
    As I had said , I will make bhopal SHG the best SHG of the country by next year October 🙂

  4. Harish Usgaonker 1 year ago

    Great stuff Bhopal SHG. You have taken off well…. now keep flying this plane of Self Help on the skies of Bhopal and enjoy the flight. 🙂

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