Mysore SHG Meeting Report – 07.10.18

Venue: Cheluvamba park opp. to Akashvani Mysuru

Hello dear friends,
I am Ningappa from SHG Mysuru, Karnataka. I feel energized and positive about myself and my stammer after attending the recent National Conference at Bengaluru. Therefore decided to resume SHG meetings in Mysuru.


Today we had conducted a meeting in Mysuru after long gap and we had a very good discussion on some topics related to our stammering and Dasara festival. I was happy to see my fellow friends Purushotham Gowda and Umesh in the meeting.


Although participants were only three including myself, it gave me each person an ample of opportunity to speak. I would like to recognize 7 main parts in today’s SHG meeting:
1) Introduction round with sharing a good and a bad incident related to stammering.
2) Sharing experience on recent NC Bengaluru: I explained briefly about NC and its events to the two participants, unfortunately, they were not able to attend NC due to unavoidable situations. I explicitly shared my experience gained in recent NC. I am happy to say that other PWS listened patiently and interested in NC. Also, Purushottam has promised me to attend next NC in Bhopal.
3) Reading practice from "Apna Haath Jagannath" book. Slow reading was made mandatory for one paragraph so that individual PWS can observe for themselves the difference in speaking. I learned slow reading idea from Mani Sir in NC.
4) Introduced 3 techniques which got reinforced in NC: Briefly explained the 3 techniques prolongation, bouncing and Voluntary Stammering.
5) Had a very good discussion about the benefits of attending SHG regularly. Thanks to the Dinesh Sir, who has reinstalled my strength and awareness about importance of SHG meetings during NC. Also, gently put forth about future plans in Mysuru SHG.
6) Group discussion and storytelling: We had a wonderful discussion about Mysore DASARA.
7) Assignment for PWS: Lastly, I gave an assignment for other PWS and it's my homework also:
7.1) make one notebook for SHG – to keep track discussed points of every meeting and write down your experience in SHG meetings.
7.2) Write 20 difficult words you have a problem in speak – 20 feared words. We have decided to work on our feared words during the Stranger talk sessions in future SHG meetings.

That’s it folks!


Thank You!
Written by:
Ningappa. N.
+91 97439 64178

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “Mysore SHG Meeting Report – 07.10.18

    Madhavan Rao

    (October 16, 2018 - 11:05 am)

    Congratulations Ningappa on taking the initiative to revive Mysore SHG.

    TISA SHG’s across cities in India is an ‘Idea whose time has come’. More so after the energizing NC 2018, we are sure that we would have self-sustaining SHG’s, meeting regularly and deriving the benefits in the true sense of ‘Self Help Group’.

    Bangalore SHG

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