Ahmedabad SHG meeting report- 14/10/2018

Our meeting started at 8.30am at. peaceful place inside the Vastrapur lake garden.
The session was hosted by Veer Trivedi and was attended by Sharadaree, Vipul, Harshil, Shailesh, Maitrey and Ram.
The session was started by the host Veer Trivedi who explained the first activity of the group which was the SWOT analysis of Individual people. The second activity was of ‘Passage reading’ the host had brought short passages unique for all the attendees and they were told to read the passage out loud and explain their inferences. The third activity was ‘Surprise Topic’ where the host had brought some chits which had a topic the attedees had to select a chit and speak about it for 2-3 minutes. The fourth and the final activity was a group discussion on ‘Whether indian culture and tradition is decaying’ we had a good 20 mins discussion on it. The meeting ended at around 11am.
T-T-Thank -you.-written by veer trivedi

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  1. Thanks, Veer for this Report. Nice Agenda and Hope you like hosting an SHG meeting. Keep it up!

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