Delhi SHG meeting on ISAD 2018

Delhi SHG organize ISAD (International Stammering awareness Day) in India Gate in which I give time of 6 pm but only person ready to come. So we not cancel the meeting and we did meeting as on 22-Oct-2018 there were strike of petrol pump and CNG pump so its difficult to any one to reach there. Also in roads auto and busses are less. Meeting started around 06:30. We meet in Children’s park parking space that is just adjoin of India Gate. We start with introduction and as we only two so introductions reach too much long and there were not more members then introduction was more casual and we talk as casual friends.

Then after introduction we decide to do stranger talk what is purpose of this meeting to aware about ISAD people. We was moving and scanning whom we start with stranger talk we decide we should start with easy people first. So we choose 3 persons, watching and busy with selfies and that was little bit difficult persons. Because first I started we need to say something and then the Afzal Khan started speaking and he was doing voluntary stuttering and one of was continuously laughing to us and then other two make him stop and when he stop from other two one was start laughing and I am also was laughing with them even Afzal Khan was also start laughing with them that is called acceptance and they in middle around 6-7 times laughing and every time they say sorry but unable to stop there laughing and we both also was taking part in there laughing and in end Afzal khan cleared that he was doing voluntary stuttering.

With that we both are confident and find another group of 4 persons who also have some type of uniform and we ask them can u have time we want to say you some thing and they very rudely said no we not have time for yours then we said ok thanks for your time. Then we are looking some other group we find another group they also in starting littlebit hesitant but say yes to listen us and we also did and explain them very well and then we think lets go to outside area to find some one.

We find 4-5 persons group and there also was few ladies too so we starting talking with them and we both are not good in English and when we started talking with them they find difficult to understand us but they doing best to understand us we first ask with man what you understand with stammering he not understand because we ask in hindi and we repeat 2-3 times with different hindi words but he not fully understand we both find difficult speaking in English not because we don’t know then a lady come in front and she said she aware about stamming and said she also said its can be reduce to talk with strangers and she also said she aware that why we are doing this she also suggest many things to us and that talk will be very positively ended.

We both find difficult to speak like Today is International Stammering awareness day as its too long sentence so we did like today stammering day or International stammering day as its difficult to speak  all the words together with stranger and then after that Afzal need to reach home upto 8 pm then we ended meeting here. Then we did selfie. That was really fund filled meeting and we both enjoyed.


Shailender Vinayak

Delhi Coordinator

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1 thought on “Delhi SHG meeting on ISAD 2018

    Bhupendra Singh Rathore

    (October 24, 2018 - 1:05 am)

    Wonderful Shailendra Ji! Wish you a Very Happy ISAD. Thanks to aware people about stammering. Stranger talks are the best medium to be open up as well as killing our fears and aware people this Nobel cause.

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