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Almost a day is over since we finish our Pre Garba Night with Ahmedabad SHG, TISA but hangover of garba is still there and my legs are still shaking.

Based on my first hand and borrowed experiences, i strongly believe, it’s still a most difficult part to accept ourselves with family and friends of what we are. So out of introspection done by Ketul and Smit, we had come up with Pre Garba Night idea where we will have lots of fun, aside invisible acceptance of different level..

Response to the idea was amazing and our team had got ready everything from venue to food and marketing to convincing members in just 5 days. We had 12 PWS and 11 parents and friends. The stage was ready on 9th of October and my goodness i had never ever witness such a positive vibes. Being with my fellow PWS has always been fun and happening thing but this time family and friends were icing on the cake. On top of that there were more than 100+ unknown families around. And we all were not in a mood to give anything a damn. Since a beat of drum started playing, legs started shaking and nobody stopped for almost one and half hour. All were feeling happy, joyous, connected, enjoying the moment and having one of the bestest time of their life together.

We might have taken a break of half an hour to serve our hungry stomach but again when bollywood songs along garba started playing, people have come up with their own fusion style and steps. And we had been literally told to stop as time was flying and we had reached our limit of closing the event.

Besides, Smit’s sister has been a great help as she being voice over artist and radio show producer of one of the well-known Gujarati Radio Station, she convinced us to go fblive and we did it pretty well along having fun most of the time. We are also thankful to Ketul’s mother for fighting with him on why he didnt introduced herself to the group before as she had been missing such bonding since ages. I am grateful to Smit Macwan’s mother for taking time out from her busy work schedule and provide us an opportunity to bond with her. I felt privilege to have Shardaree (our own one woman army) with us along her mother. Her mothers perpetual support was literally an inspiration for many families. Pradip’s friend has been extremely cool and energetic chap with best characteristics of getting indulge with friends friend, no matter what and who they are. And last but not least my mother, two younger sisters, my one of the closest friends kruti, sachin and his wife for showing faith in all my words and deeds.

Finally, i will always be indebted for participation made by Ahmedabad SHG’s members and special thanks to kuldip, ramavtar, bhupendra, shailesh, mitesh and has been an amazing time of our lives..i am going to cherish this moments going forward..i wish we all be staying happy and together in good and bad times..! 3 cheers to Ahmedabad SHG, TISA..long live TISA..!!

written by vipul ubhadiya (coordinator of ahmedabadad chapter)




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Post Author: Smit Panchal

2 thoughts on “Report of Pre-Navratri Garba Night | Ahmedabad SHG


    (October 23, 2018 - 10:42 am)

    Wonderful! Great energy and jovial atmosphere. Sad it didn’t happen during my stint in Ahmedabad, a year earlier. Missing all this fun.
    Cheers to the Ahmedabad team. You guys truly made the Ahmedabad SHG, the most promising SHG for TISA

    Bhupendra Singh Rathore

    (October 24, 2018 - 12:59 am)

    Amazing Vipul Bhai! It is really fun to be with all of you during Garba Night. I really enjoyed it a lot. A Bond Ahmedabad SHG team makes with everyone is unforgettable, More than a group of PWS; I feel like a family member with you all. Thanks, Everyone for participation. Happy Navaratri to all TISA Members and Ahmedabad SHG. Wishes Maa Durga brings happiness on every sad face and fills everyone’s life with Joy.

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