North Delhi Accidental Coincident SHG meeting 25-Oct-2018

Today I want to tell one accident SHG meeting in North Campus. I was retuning home and I was roaming in Hudson Lane near GTB Nagar metro station. Then I saw two persons was roaming in Hudson Lane and they was Parwez and Sanjay Negi and they stop me in middle of road. I stopped and they both said they both was remembering me and I just appeared in front of them and both was old TISA member and they both came to meet with each other and the location was also cool where they stop me. This is the park where we did many meeeting together.

They said the live around 3-4 km distance and they both planned to meet today and I reached there accidental, So we decided lets make this accidental SHG meeting. I park my scooty and we both enter in park and start our accidental SHG meeting. Today that phrase become true of The world is very small.

We started our meeting with meditation. After meditation we did one introduction round and the rule was you have to continuously speak until one of another two was say stop and this is really challenging when you have limited talk about your introduction and there is also one more rule that you have to choose one technique and follow that technique. In this round many forget the technique or confidence when they have nothing to talk because we are testing the limit of each one in introduction round and Parwez some time start talking about communication skill etc in his intro round as he has nothing to say.

Then we do our second round that is extempore round. In this each one will give one random topic to the next one member. In this round also many time few member losing control and find themselves in block or some time so busy in content leave all the techniques etc. That is also challenging for me too.

Then we did roleply round in which one is become one student another is teacher and me was principal and teacher(Sanjay Negi) that that Guy(Parwez) to me that restricate him as he was blah blah and Parwez very good defend himself of every complaint. The teacher give almost 25 different complaint and he has all the reason of the actions he did. In this too you have to on the spot reason of your action as there were not time to preparation of that roleplay and Parwez play very good defend all the complaints.

Then in last we decide to check the limits of each in front of public to speak louder in this first I did myself and I stand in the park middle of pathway where many persons walking and all two standed around 10 feet far and and first I gave my introduction and another about my life with TISA then another was Sanjay Negi when his turn came we standed around 14 feet this time. He start laughing when 4 feet more at my turn then we replied we are testing your limit as he also was want to become standup comedian so why not start from here. But he did very well around many times many persons passes from front and back but he played very well.

Now the turn of Parwez. This time we stand around 16 feet far and from that location we also not able to listen well and we inform him many times to speak louder and he also played very well and in very few distance few females was also sitting and they was also watching what we doing but he also speak well. One moment came and around 6-8 persons together was sitting and they just coming towards him he was completely speechless and he start watching or starring to them. They all pass him from front and back as he was standing on the main pathway to the outer gate. Upto they pass he was completely speechless. Even me and Sanjay Negi was laughing and he also not aware why we laughing as he not able to speak around 15 seconds.

Then now my turn again. This time Sanjay said lets check your limit and this time he stand around 20 feet far. This time I need to speak very louder and I already speak introduction. So Sanjay suggest speak only of your hobbies. I have not much hobby but I started They was standed around 20 feet and in same distance few couples were sitting on bench they also was around 20 feet far in different location. So they also able to listen me very easily else all was listening.

My problem is upto that time I was think this. So many time in middle I was speechless. So I was many time repeat same line which I said earlier. So I speak what video I watch in youtube what type of movies I watch. I need to maintain the decorum of sensor board too as girls also was listening to me. Many persons passed to me and my friend stand 20 feet far and in middle they stop and move towards to me why they are doing this why he talking with them so loudly why not they stand closer to him. I also remind them that I will only stop when you say to stop but they both are returning what they got just few minutes back and they never want to stop me and continuously want me to speak I even many many time taking the names of movies which I watch like Janta Garage, Therian, etc.

But that was really very challenging experience of each of us. Then in the end all was to return then we also think for 2-4 minutes lets do the last stranger talk activity which we always do. Parwez wants that when we talk to strangers about stammering then we all reach to comfort zone as when they started listening us then there is some emotional attachment increase then after 5-10 seconds we all reach to comfort zone. Then after that time that situation no more challenging to us. So he suggest lets ask to any stranger address of any location.

So one go shop keeper and ask to Metro station gate no. 3 and then my task was to ask to bookseller that is there any vegetarian food point near by and Sanjay task was find a riksha man and ask for fare to reach Sant Nagar. So we all enjoyed very well the SHG meeting and we all decide that we regularly meet in next meetings.


Shailender Vinayak

Delhi Coordinator

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2 thoughts on “North Delhi Accidental Coincident SHG meeting 25-Oct-2018

    Satyendra Srivastava

    (October 26, 2018 - 6:13 pm)

    What a nice accident! Keep it up! Whether we meet other pws accidentally or by planning, let us celebrate every such occasion and use out to improve ourselves…
    Well done, Shailendra!

    Bhupendra Singh Rathore

    (October 28, 2018 - 5:19 pm)

    Wonderful Shailendra Ji; Thanks for filling Fuel in Delhi SHG. Yes, this world is small we get our friends everywhere. Hoping you all will keep meeting like this in future too. Waiting for reading report of Next SHG Meeting!

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