Bhopal SHG Diwali meetup

Hello all.

I am M K harsh from Bhopal.

Today , we had conducted the SHG meeting in the morning hours from 9 am to 11 am .

Today , our meeting was very special. We had discussed on the core topics that revolve in the mind of every stammerer.

I raised the question that, what is after acceptance ?

This is one of the most basic question because we are attending the meetings, workshops, conferences on a daily basis but if we are not getting improvement then there is no point of that .

So , Jagdish mewada sir had given a very interesting answer that see, we have to accept our stammering but even after accepting, our confidence remains low then that is not acceptance .

We have to work on how effectively we can put forward our point rather than how fluently we can put forward our point. Then we had a nice discussion on what is beyond acceptance.

We also had done many activities like stranger talk , Calling a friend etc.

All in all it was a great and an informative meeting .

Thanks for reading very patiently

MK harsh

Bhopal SHG

  1. Satyendra 1 year ago

    This reminds me another discussion… a Zen matter was asked: what after enlightenment?

    He gave a very simple answer: Same old stuff, nothing new. You still have to fill water and chop wood…

    Then, why should one seek enlightenment?

    The master said: outwardly everything is same but inner consciousness is transformed…

    You don’t grow wings or a horn on your head, because you are enlightened.. but now you know that there is no difference in this work or that work… so life goes on as usual but a deep change has come.

    This applies to us too. Many of us have a rosy eyed view: After acceptance, I will be speaking like so and so and will have many gf!

    Alas, this is a very superficial understanding and practice of acceptance… dive deep.

    • Author
      M k harsh 1 year ago

      Yes, sachin sir absolutely true.
      Acceptance is a vast topic.
      I had easily mentioned on my social media platforms that I am a stammerer but later I realised that it is a good step but we have to come out of the virtual world.
      If in the real world I am not accepting then there is no point in shouting on all social media platforms that I am a stammerer.
      Yes, Acceptance is very vast topic and I have to dive very deep in it 🙂

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