Hyderabad SHG meeting report, Nov. 4, 2018

Gagagaga, sasasasasa, Na na na na na.. were the sounds this time in the middle of the park but with considerable ease. The stammer having its sweet time with the Lips and sometimes eyes.. the bugger was unsuccessful this time to go full on body! The NC and the SHG meetings just made it smooth 🙂 Attendees: Rahul, Ramu, Kranthi, Saurav, Shreekanth, Shilpa, Muazzam, Vineeth, Pramod, Asif. On a sunny morning in Hyderabad, Jalgam Vengal Rao park witnessed another gathering of the diverse group. As the quote goes ‘The More The Merrier’, it cant be more true when it comes to SHG participation. Below is our story for the day and the party got just bigger! Introduction and bouncing items I wouldn’t want to detail as they are the usual stuff but also most endearing in real life! Meditation: We followed the basic meditation and one of the easiest that is taught in most of the centers. The silence is what we all desperately seek, but never admit to as it is lost in this all this connected yet disconnected world. Quick Interaction: We interact with so many in a day but often forget what the other person is or did say as we are too concentrated on ourselves. This activity had all the members interacting with each other turn by turn and creating an impression within 30 seconds. Post 10 minutes, each members had to recollect about the other and present it. Another boost to the memory! With ten members interacting with one another and switching on to the next, there was a mixture of discipline and some sweet chaos. Stranger Talk: All practice and preparation.. Now comes the show time! The SHG troopers split into three groups of three troopers and headed to find the targets. From security guard to family to couples to students preparing for ILs and Civil Services, the troopers attacked everyone with some beautiful stammering and smiling faces. What did we get out of this – A wonderful feeling that life and interaction by itself is so simple yet powerful. That sets our Hyderabad SHG’s meeting for 4th November 2018 🙂


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