TISA Diary:Kolkata Chapter ( 28 th October 2018 )

Finally, we are back…after an unfortunate gap of 2 months. Somnath was taken the initiative to start with tremendous positive energy after returning from Bangalore National conference 2018. Somnath and Dr. HumayunKabir were met on 08/10/2018. Unfortunately, I was out of Kolkata that time and unable to present there.

In spite of doing lots of daily speech practices, Yoga, Meditation and watching motivational speeches by leaders, sometimes the positivity has been lost by us after experiencing huge block in front of peoples / special one/ VIP’s , fear, anxiety and time pressure and finally failed to pursue our thoughts to our Boss, Teacher, Professor etc. At that moment of time, we realized that something is missing within us which will revive our confidence and boost up for another battle instantly. For the very reason, I am really grateful to Sunday SHG meeting concept developed by our Tisa founder Honorable Sachin Sir. We energize ourselves like anything, after participating Sunday meet in somewhere. Although many members are unable to come due to personal household work, Extra responsibilities, coaching classes, Long distances etc. but still so many were willingly come and join the meeting to energize themselves and spreading awareness in public places.

I would like to share the most enjoyable and delightful experiences of our last two SHG meeting at Kolkata.

28 th October 2018 at Victoria Memorial Garden, A J C Bose Road, Kolkata. Time 12.30 P.M

Name of the Participants: Shashikant, Nirmalya, Subhasis, and Anjan

Subhasis is a High School teacher and is Staying at Jamuria, 200 KM away from Kolkata with his family, but he willingly forgoes this Sunday to attend the Tisa Meeting. We have started our introduction round and discussing different techniques. Sashikant was taken Speech therapy and he is very well versed with using prolongation technique. We have discussed Bouncing and Pausing Techniques and speaking by using these techniques for sometimes. Sashikant left for attending some urgent work at 1.30 pm. We have started our stranger talk session. Nirmalya&Subhasis both are New to the Tisa and seems very tense while finding somebody to talk. But after meeting 2 families their confidence has to boost up and start approaching by themselves. We have met 6 persons there and the stranger talk session lasted till 3.00 pm. Everybody appreciate us for our initiative for this self-exercises.Nirmalya&Subhsis both are new today and enjoyed a lot. It’s really enjoyable for me also. We have concluded our session at 3.30 pm.

Report By –

Anjan Ghosh

( Kolkata SHG Co-Ordinator )

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