Delhi SHG meeting dated 10-Nov-2018


This is decided meeting not official meeting just Mr. Arun Kumar old TISA member when he came from duty we do meeting in North Delhi. He is working in Indo Tibetan border force as Sub Inspector. He has good command in his acceptance. So when he came in holiday for few days then we do meeting except holidays to challenge our weaknesses. So Arun Kumar announced meeting on 10-Nov-2018 morning that we do meeting today just to practice stranger talk only. So I accept his offer and I reached to the venue around 05:45 as official time was 05:30. I called Arun and he said he not expecting me so he also not came but he assure he definitely come. I wait for him for 20-25 minutes and he came. Then we started our meeting.

First we start casual discussion as we both are available in the meeting and we did so many times this type of meeting here. So we start with casual discussion related to stammering what sort of difficulties we are facing in work place with stammering and how we manage this and also Arun kumar shared that he also work in remote area in Indo Tibet Border Force and many times he alone go for stranger talk as many times due to posting in remote area he unable to attend any meeting for months. So he many time go to market place from his posting to do stranger talk. So once upon a time he was going to a park around 10km far from his posting. So he inform his colleagues for this as he is going to stranger talk then his colleagues replied him that Arun these stranger talk never ever help I inform you so many times but you not able to understand forget these TISA and stranger talk and join and speech therapy. As he explain to all his colleagues about stranger talk and TISA but nobody is understanding this that this is not curable and all his colleagues think that this stranger talk is waste of time. So outside TISA meeting the world is not helpful for PWS.

Then he discuss one more incident about stranger talk too when he going to stranger talk from his posting to remote area and he travel around 10km from his posting to a park and start doing stranger talk. He find two persons was sitting so he think let’s start with them. He meet to them and start talking like Hello My name is Arun and I want to talk with you for a minute but they became offensive very early and replied that why you want to talk with us. He said I just want o share some thing related to stammering facts. He replied why you want to share with us about stammering facts whether here in park more 3 dozens group and individual sitting. He said I find you randomly and start talking. They said, they not able to understand why you talking with them as here so many others members too siting. Why you choosing us? In last he has to with joining hands Sorry I choose you to talk. You please continue I find another.

Then we go out find some snacks and do stranger talk First we find one computer café Arun Kumar discuss with him charges to apply Passport and he replied Rs. 1500 passport fees and Rs. 250 service charges to apply with form and I enquire about passport photo and he replied Rs. 50 for 16 photo. Then Arun said he find difficult to speak Hakikat Nagar So he start asking with strangers where is Hakikat Nagar So he find one young couple to ask the sit just inside the metro gate and they also wondering why he came so long inside metro space to ask as there so many people stand on our way. They don’t know as there was sit one female too as he was facing the fear to talking with female. Then we go to another place and talk to many strangers asking the way of Hakikat Nagar and Arun Kumar use every time bouncing in calm way. Then we visit to one stamp shop and enquire for stamp making charges also we give one order too and Arun try to use bouncing and voluntary stuttering there. Then we visit one stationary shop name Guglani Stationers and do enquire about religious books using bouncing technique. Then we do few more stranger talk with strangers asking address then we end our meeting there.


Shailender Kumar Vinayak

Delhi Coordinator – (M) 9911659788


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