13-Nov-2018 meeting report

Today meeting report. We started our meeting with audio introduction which I took of Arun Kumar in which I talk about his detailed introduction which I continuous record in audio note. That audio note is around 30 minutes. Then we went to ouside near GTB nagar metro station near gate no. 3. First we decided that we will do metro activity but when we reached the gate of metro our step stopped don’t know why we both decided that we should do outside metro stranger talk. That is also difficult especially with the females. We both are comfortable with males but bit uncomfortable with females. First we ask Hakikat Nagar from strangers and continous asking address also few times ask nearest atm. Then we visited one mobile cum Electronic shop where we do enquiry about smart LED TV with exchange price and Samsung phones.

Then we decide that we will go to GTB nagar bus stop for stranger talk where we find one man and do stranger talk. We demand permission for Video recording while conversation. In starting he was bit offensive why you want to record. Who are you etc. Then we ease him and tell about TISA and stammering. Then he became easy and we talk with him around 10 minutes continuous and he also said his bus is not coming so he free to talk freely upto bus came. He also enlighten that in bus stop if you come like this, so people think you might be thug or thief. As in starting we also bit hesitant to talk. People also became afraid with this approach.

The person became attach with us like fevicol. We have to tell him Thanks for talking with you. Then we go some where far and near bus stop stand. We stand this time around 10 feet far and there was so much noise and people are walking here and there also so much busses and traffic sound. So we have shout to talk in 10 feet distance. Mr. Arun did very well and we talk for around 5 to 7 minutes then we decide lets go bit closer and we this time stand right in bus stop in middle of all the men and start talking this time Arun kumar stand around 7-8 feet and we start talking and I also record a small video of recording.

Later when we closed then a person approach to us and ask what was we doing then we explained him and he also very much amaze for what we did. Then we ask few more people Hakikat Nagar address and closed the meeting as upto that moment its 09:15 pm.

Shailender Vinayak

Delhi Coordinator (9911659788)

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  1. Wonderful using technologies in SHG meeting is a good idea! From recording audios, Videos. TISA SHG concentrates more on using Technology to make our Online and Offline SHG stronger. Shailendra Ji your Blogs are always interesting and I love to read the most. Keep posting More SHG Reports and your awesome blogs <3

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