18-Nov-2018 Meeting Report

18-Nov-2018 Meeting Report

I left home around 11:15 PM and reached metro station at 11:30 PM near ticket counter. I talk to Arun Kumar for when he is coming to Metro station, He said He will reach in 10 minutes. I though lets do few stranger talk alone. I talk to a person the route of Jantar Mantar. He said he don’t know but he help me in this. He take me to the Metro route map board. But we not able to find the way. Then he open a Delhi Metro mobile app to search Jantar Mantar. Here also we not able to find the way. Then I ask a 60 year old man who also just came to Delhi Metro route map board. He  suggest to go to Barakhamba road metro station, which is near to Jantar Mantar. Then Arun Kumar reached to me. Then we enter in the metro station.

First we reach to the platform. Where we ask from strangers to the route of Tilak Nagar. One passenger suggest from Mobile app said you stand in wrong platform, you should change the platform. Actually we not need to go to Tilak Nagar. Tilak Nagar is difficult to speak that’s why we was asking to strangers the way of Tilak Nagar. Then we inform to him that we have few work in Rajiv Chowk. So will go there via Rajiv Chowk. Then he suggest to us route of Tilak Nagar from which station we need to interchange. Then we board the train.

As we did so many times metro activity I have in starting few fear but Arun Kumar was fearless. Then Arun Kumar started his lines and I handled the camera. He did so well, starting from Good evening friend my name is Arun Kumar and I am strammerer if you have any question then you can ask. Then I ask many question as I am news reporter and he answer so well. People was watching us like why we are doing like this. We were feeling that people were more uncomfortable then us. In last Arun Kumar ask from strangers if any one want to ask any question then one stranger stand ask few questions and Arun Kumar answered very well but we miss our station and then we return from next station to our station by metro.

When we was returning my metro we again to think do stranger talk but we realize that if we did then we may miss our Sunday meeting and we already too late for meeting. Then we reach to station of Rajiv Chowk. First for stranger talk activity we ask to strangers the route of Central Park. Actually in Rajiv Chowk there was 10 exit gate. But we know the exit gate but for talking to strangers we was asking to strangers the route of exit and Central Park. We ask so many persons exit gate route and Central Park route. I also tried to talk with foreigners females too asking the way. They were shock there were so many Indians, so why he asking the route to us (foreigners). They said “no no we don’t know”. I replied no problem that’s ok. We both asking the route more than 10 persons.

Then we reached to the Central Park. We decided that we will give surprised to our group. We will not inform them and we will search them by own. We search them and find the group just opposite of Indian Flag. When we reached they have already done 1.5 hours meeting. Then in last they did give introduction with voluntary stuttering. Mayan was not comfortable. He said he will start but Vivek Maurya suggest that Mayan will be last. When we completed half upto that moment Mayan will be very upset because of his turn was last and his heart beat was very fast. Each of us can observe Mayan uneasy behavior. But in last Mayan did very good introduction.

Then we decide to do stranger talk. We divided in the group. Arun Kumar again got in my group. First we ask to the group of few old members. We ask to them we both are strangers and we want to talk to them. They are little bit offensive and said we all are talking some serious matter, so don’t disturb us. Then we left the group and find another group then we find 8-10 girls stand and taking selfies. Then Arun Kumar suggest that lets try this group and I replied “aaj to Arun pitva ke hi manega”. Arun kumar said “maarna hai to sixer hi marenge ab single double bahut khel liya”. Then Arun Kumar reached to the group and take permission for in starting the group was little bit hesitant but in last they was replied very good. Its also difficult to us also to talk to the group of females where all was non PWS.

Then we find another group who was doing stranger talk. The anand patel join us and we did introduction round with standing in distance of 10 feet each of us on the track of path of Central Park. All the persons was watching us and we ask so many question each of us. Also I record small video of this conversation. Then in a moment Vivek Mauya and Afzal Khan also join us. We decided to go to central place of Central Park where some function arrange going on may be that going to start or finished. We decided to go there.

Now Arun Kumar stand in the stage we all are sit on sofa which lies in front row. Arun Kumar said so well as around 10 to 15 non PWS also sitting here and there on the seats of that places facing the stage. They also watching us and listening us. We was 5 persons Arun Kumar, Shailender, Vivek Mauya, Anand Patel and Afzal Khan who are doing this activity rest all of other 5-6 members I think left the Central Park after doing their stranger talk. We give each of them around 10 minutes window to give a speech. Each of us give very good speech and after end one non PWS meet us and congratulate us and also suggest few things.

Then we left the Central Park and Arun Kumar and me also decide lets do again Metro activity on the way of home. I start with a female to ask the route. She is very beautiful lady but when I ask Excuse me she not replied I round 4-5 times said Excuse me and each time I make louder but she not even think to watch. Then Arun Kumar said leave her then we enter the metro station then we know the water coller but we ask to females the route of water cooler around 3-4 times then we drink water and ask to stranger the route of GTB Nagar then we reach to pedestrian crossing and stand just above the pedestrian and did introduction round standing both different corner and do introduction but sound was not clear then we decide to board the train.

We ask to few passengers to route of GTB Nagar train. Then we board the train and did metro activity again. We did 2-3 times again the metro activity in return of home and finish the meeting.

Shailender Kumar Vinayak

Delhi Coordinator – 9911659788

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  1. Bhupendra Singh Rathore 12 months ago

    Wonderful Shailendra Ji; You are doing great work with Delhi SHG.

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