Tisa Diary – Kolkata (18/11/2018)

Name of participants: Sashikant, Bhargav, Nirmalya, Soham and Anjan

Place- Victoria Memorial Garden, Kolkata

Time: 11.30 a.m to 3.00 pm


Today our Mr. Bhargav Bhattacharyya from Agarpara attend his first ever SHG meeting at Kolkata. He is very energetic and confident PWS. He is also a General Secretary of his college Union currently pursuing his Bachelor degree in Science with some specialized subject.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances we got delayed and started our session by 12.15 pm. After the introduction session, we have started the GD session with some unknown topics within us by with or without using the techniques. But I have seen that except one or two of our members almost everybody eagerly waiting for the much waiting Stranger talk session. I have given an introductory session of stranger talk. Bhagav is very much excited about the new experiences.

Victoria is a well-known tourist place in Kolkata and peoples visited there around the globe. Our first stranger talk with a couple and they are the final years Hotel Management students also. They listen to our intro carefully and appreciate our effort also. But thereafter we have approached 2-3 persons/groups to listen to us but seems they have a time constraint and left away after 2 minutes discussion. Thereafter we met Mr. Mawan from Bangkok. He listens to us very carefully with almost 15 minutes time and discussed a lot of things about stammering and our organization and Bangkok city. Further, we met two Scientists from UK and Poland (Greg & Martha). This was also a nice discussion with them. Further, we have met two peoples from Bengaluru and North India and this was also an enjoyable discussion for us.

We have concluded our session at 3.00 pm. Next time we will do a meditation session for 15 minutes during our meeting and some energizer activities also.

Report By-

Mr. Anjan Ghosh ( Co-Ordinator of TISA Kolkata SHG )

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