TISA Patna SHG Meeting Report- 18 Nov. 2018

After a long time on 18th Nov 2018 Patna SHG meeting organized,  hosted by Mohit Kumar at Gandhi Maidan, Patna. Other members who participated are Sanu, Raju, Dheeraj, and Krishna.

Left to right- Dheeraj, Krishna, Raju

Meeting In brief:
We started with meditation (4 minutes) followed by an introduction (in some technique), storytelling, sharing and life experiences related to stammering. At last, we evaluated each other with their positive and negative qualities.

Dheeraj is a very talented poet, so we enjoyed some heart touching poem on ‘Maa’. We wonder how talented we stammer are. Krishna and Sanu, being the old member, shared his some interesting way to tackle the fearful situations. Raju, a new member, enjoyed and shared his experience and technique he uses to overcome his stuttering. Mohit ensured everything goes inflow from beginning to end.

left to right- Krishna, Raju and Sanu

Although due to time limitations we couldn’t complete stranger’s talk agenda it will remain in our next SHG meeting in the priority list. Everyone addressed their issues with each other and got support from remaining members. It was a pleasure meeting after so long time and we hope this will continue.

Everyone is enthusiastically looking forward to the next SHG meeting. We are sure current members will participate and some new members will join our meet. However, we need more dynamic PWS’s to lead and make it more exciting and valuable and continue our SHG at the height.

Meeting report written by – Sanu
Posted by- Mohit (Patna Coordinator- +91-7277478087)

  1. Rishikesh kumar 11 months ago

    Wonderful guys.You all are doing great work with TISA PATNA SHG. By helping others we help ourselves. Keep Encouraging people to being open about stammering and walk on the path of Self-help and Acceptance.

  2. ABHISHEK KUMAR 11 months ago

    Great to know that patna shg has met again.. Thanks for sharing, and keep it up ..

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