Bhopal SHG meeting report

Location of the meeting -shahjhani park in front of sultaniya hospital near lower lake.

Time -3:30-5:30 PM

Date -25/11/2018

Hey guys,

I am MK harsh from BHOPAL SHG .

I am very glad to inform you all that,  today we had conducted the SHG meeting for the sixth time consecutively.

We had planned many activities for our SHG meeting.

We had started our meeting with the introduction round.

Then we had done meditation for around 5 mins. That medication was quite relaxing and refreshing.

Then ,as planned we had gone FB live during our SHG meeting and had narrated one story each .

We had also done stranger talk session with 5-7 people.

At the last, we had also planned of feedback session. TISA doesn’t believe in giving unnecessary advices and suggestions but if there are some positive feedback and suggestions, we should take and also give that suggestions and feedback.

My learnings from the SHG meeting –

1.As said by Aditya saini sir,  be confident in each and every situation of our life.  No matter how and with each intensity you are stammering but if you are confident, people can see that confidence in your eyes.

2.As said by Jagdish mewada sir, try to control your secondary symptoms like blinking of the eyes, lip movement etc.

I think that feedback round is very important because through the feedback round only, we can analyze ourselves that where we are making the mistakes.

All in all it was a great learning experience again .

So thank you all for real reading my post very patiently 🙂

M K harsh

Bhopal SHG



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