Me and Chennai Communication Workshop

Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience and thoughts on communication workshop held in Chennai on 24th& 25th Nov 2018. First, I would like to say thanks to Manimaran sir for organizing the workshop along with Wilfred and team.

It was my first communication workshop and after completing the Bengaluru National conference this was another great event of TISA. I have learned many things from each guest speeches. All guest orators are ex-stammerer and inspiring persons. Their talk was taken me to another world like completely positivity and self-confidence.

“Stranger Talk” was one of the most enjoyed movements in this workshop. We met strangers in the shopping mall, footpath and in metro and we have explained about stammering and TISA to them. They also respectfully cooperated with us. Then we had so much fun together and we have taken some selfie pictures.

I got a chance to speak on stage two times of the entire event. I felt very happy myself after watching a video of my short speech in front of the audience. At the beginning of my speech, I stammer more but I finish my speech without a stammer. By seeing this I can say fear and anxiety is the main curse for stammerer. After some time of my speech feeling of worry and anxiety slightly disappear from me, so my stammer level also become decrease.

So, my honest opinion is for the next upcoming workshop or NC let PWS’s talk more, let PWS’s utilize the stage more. All guest speakers (ex-stammerer) said one common thing is “You can Kick out your fear and anxiety by giving more speech in front of an audience. But usually, PWS’s will not get more stage opportunities. So instead of inviting more guest speakers let PWS’s speak more in upcoming events.

I have also participated in many SHG meetings. SHG is one of the helping hands to boost my self-confidence but It will not give stage feeling. So, we need to kick out our stage fear and anxiety by using more stage opportunities then only we can overcome from stammering.


Regards & Thanks

Prashanth B R


  1. Anna Kalange 9 months ago

    Very nicely written Prashant. It’s true that being on stage more often will reduce stage fear and anxiety.

    • Prashanth 9 months ago

      Yeah its true👍

  2. Prashanth 9 months ago

    Yeah..👍 Its true.

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