Bangalore SHG meet 2 Dec 2018

Bangalore SHG meet 2 Dec 2018
Meeting attended by: From left to right: Anna, Karthik, Shobhit, Madhavan sir, Amarnadh sir, Abhishek.

Meeting started with introduction round. The rule was that speaker has to use a technique of his choice to speak. It turned out to a very informative round as Karthik explained about wagons used for carrying goods from mines.

Instant poetry round: This round was very interesting. We had to create our own poetry in about 10 minutes and recite it. I had never imagined that I could actually pen down lines that can be called as poetry. But it was a fantastic experience for all of us.
Poetry recital: We had to recite a already published poetry. And we did great.

Next, I gave a small talk on why we should keep brushing our communication skills.
Next round was stranger talk round. We split into 2 groups of 3 members and went for stranger talk.

During the course of meeting we interacted with other group. This group was a trust by Indian (from Uttarakhand) and Nepali people. They informed us about their various activities.
GREAT moment was playing of NATIONAL ANTHEM (Indian and Nepali) by this group.

Special kudos to Abhishek who came all the way from Tumkur to attend SHG.
In all it was a great meeting with lot of memorable moments.

Annasaheb Kalange

Contact numbers: Shobhit-+91 99904 49976


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