Bhopal SHG meeting -2nd Dec 2018

Location of the meeting -shahjahana park Infront of sultaniya hospital

Timing -3:30 PM to 5 PM

Hello all.

Today we had conducted the SHG meeting in Bhopal.

I am very glad to inform you all that BHOPAL SHG is growing day by day.Today a new person had joined this SHG.His name is prabal singh Dayma, right now he is preparing for competitive examinations.

So we had started our round with our life story, that we have to tell everything about our life and about our stammering right from the starting.The rule of this round was that the speaker should not hurry while he is speaking,he has to use the pausing technique.So all the participants had told their life story in a brilliant manner

Then we had the table table session .

We had to give speeches on the instant topics given.

The rule of this topic was that, the speaker should not hurry at all, he can use a technique of his choice .

Then we had a debate round .

The debate was quite good, each and every participant had presented his or her points beautifully. It was also a very informative round.

Then we had gone for the stranger talks. Today we had conversed with 20 people and learnt that what are their views about stammering.

The people told that,a stammerer only thinks in his or her mind that what the other person will think him or her but the reality is very different. One stranger told that, why your stammering should bother me,you are no way connected to me, after this short talk you will go your way, I will go my may,so why you are worrying that what the other person will think about myself?

So it was a great session for all of us.We are now looking forward for next week’s SHG meeting.

Thanks for reading

M K Harsh

Bhopal SHG

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