Bangalore SHG 13 Jan 2019

Attendees: (L to R) Sharath, Sudhanshu, Shobhit, Annasaheb, Dinesh, Prashant.
Venue: Cubbon Park, near central library.
Time: 10 AM to 1 PM

Meeting started with introduction round. Each one of us gave a detailed introduction where we shared about our stammering and association with TISA. Next round was prepared speeches by me and Shobhit. I spoke about a story having different perspective of looking towards life while Shobhit spoke about nutrition (food digestion and absorption process) of our body. Next we discussed about our expectations from SHG, how we can make SHG more interesting, what activities should be added. We discussed on many important points. Then we had a impromptu round where each one of us were given a topic to speak for 2 minutes. In final activity of the meeting we had voluntary stammering round. It was very challenging to stammer voluntarily and we had good fun.

Contact nos. Shobhit: 9990449976,
Annasaheb: 8105326178.

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  1. Great Efforts Bengaluru SHG Team! Happy New Year to the whole team.

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