Bhopal SHG meeting report on 13th Jan 2019

Location of the meeting – Chinar park bhopal.

Timing – 2PM to 5 PM

Good evening everyone,

I’m Satish Harinkhede from bhopal SHG team. I joined the TISA in November 2018 and I’m attending all the meetings for November. Today we did a meeting at chinar park where we talked about our past embarssing stammering incident and how were faced it and overcame it. After that we did a session in which our main aim was to learn about “how to talk on phone if u have stammering problem”?

At last we did stranger talks . We had a target to had a conversation with around 50 strangers and we did it. 🙂
So I think TISA is a good platform where a stammerer can remove his fear and can live the life with peace and acceptance .One thing which I experienced after knowing my stammering is that don’t take it as a big problem, accept it with smile and connect with the people .It is only mental problem nothing else. So always stay focussed, stay positive 🙂

Thanks for reading .

Thank you.

For joining Bhopal SHG contact to

Jagdish mewada -7879603659

M K harsh -7000357420

  1. Akshay rawal 11 months ago

    Super sir,me aaj itna negative feel Kar Raha tha.par yeh padhkar mujhe thoda positive mila hai.thnks Bhopal shg.aage bhi aise hi milte rehna

  2. Satyendra Srivastava 11 months ago

    Well done guys. You are right. It is just a little mental problem. Not a speech disorder. This is why traditional speech therapy gives such poor results.
    It is time to try out social and psychological approaches as, we are doing in TISA.

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