Bhopal SHG meeting report.

Location of the meeting – Shahjhani park, in front of Sultaniya hospital.

The timing of the meeting – 2 PM to 4:30 PM

Date – 27/01/2019

Meeting theme – Motivation vs Inspiration

Hello all,

I am MK harsh from Bhopal Madhya Pradesh.

Today we had conducted the SHG meeting in Bhopal.

The SHG meeting started well, each participant introduced himself.

Then we talked on “motivation vs inspiration”

So, I think that for a person, motivation is short term but if a person can inspire others then he or she can do wonders for himself or herself as well as for rest of the people.

With inspiration, comes discipline.

What happens with me and with most of the people is that, we get charged up by watching some motivational videos, but after 3-4 days that motivation fades away.  Why?

The answer lies here-

When we get a challenge and more importantly when we take a challenge then only we can get inspired, otherwise, it will always be motivation.  I had taken inspiration from Bengaluru SHG members,if they can run the SHG successfully, then why can’t Bhopal SHG members can run the SHG successfully.

With inspiration comes to discipline.

After the NC Bengaluru, not a single Sunday went, where we had not conducted an SHG meeting irrespective of how many persons are coming in the meeting. Here I’m not boasting about Bhopal SHG but I want to tell all of you that how Bengaluru SHG and especially Dinesh sir (coordinator of Bengaluru SHG ) had inspired me to start an SHG in my city.

Hence in the last round, we had gone for a stranger talk session near Bhopal Railway Station. Today we had conversed with around 40 strangers.

All in all, it was a very good meeting.

Moreover, it was a very good learning session to think, understand and to know the difference between motivation and inspiration.

Thank you for reading the report patiently.

MK harsh

Bhopal SHG

Mobile number -7000357420




  1. Satyendra 1 year ago

    Very good, Harsh! Popular past time of pws is to post inspirational videos… but as we say in TISA, you are changed not by positive thinking but by positive actions… When it comes to ACTION, few pws show guts. These few change their lives and help others too…

  2. Well Done Harsh!! Many PWS in Madhya Pradesh needs TISA help. Try to have a combined meeting with Indore SHG and aware people about TISA.

  3. Author
    M K harsh 1 year ago

    Thank you Sachin sir 🙂

    Bhupendra sir, I will try to have a combined meeting with Indore SHG by talking to Indore SHG members 🙂

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