Mangalore Self help group meeting on 20-1-2019

On 20th January 2019 ,


Nishil, Lokesh, Sumith, Ivan Sir

Sumith was on the Forum Mall premises when i reached there at 10:30, bright smiling lad coming out to greet.

We sat on a bench nearby outside the mall seeking shade, strangely no one had occupied it. We realized in few minutes that we were
occupying the benches at odd hours, the sun started blazing over us in no time. It was a scorching day and we hurried
inside the mall to the comfortable AC and vacant benches there. We were soon to be joined by Ivan Sir and Lokesh.

We made ourselves comfortable at the benches, and started out meeting

We started the meeting with the basic introduction, we were relatively strangers meeting for the first time.
We were all excited to get to know more about each other.

Experience Sharing:
We cross questioned each other on our past experiences and current work experience.
We shared experiences which we encountered in past couple months.

Impromptu Speech:
We gave some exercise to our brain to conjure content within seconds and deliver it for 3 minutes.
Each of us spoke about the topic , with few hurdles here and there , the group managed to get the thoughts together.

Architecture Exhibition –
Ivan Sir showed us a nearby church which was exhibiting the architecture involved while building a church.
There were plans and blueprints of all the nearby-town churches and their design.

We bid farewell to Ivan Sir there and had our lunch back at Forum mall. After a hearty meal and good conversation
we said good bye and thanks to the mall for hosting the SHG 🙂 – It was way past 1:30 PM



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  1. satyendra srivastava 1 year ago

    Nice to see that a meeting took place, after a gap; Nicer, was to see Ivan there! Happy new Year to all of you..

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