BLR SHG meeting 10 Feb 2019

BLR SHG meeting (10 Feb 2019)
Attendees: (L to R)- Annasaheb, Saurav, Karthik, Sudhanshu, Ankit, Prashant.
Venue: Cubbon Park, near central library.
Time: 10 AM to 1 PM

Initially, since we were only 3 members (Karthik, me and Prashant), we informally started discussion on stammering, interview situations, attitude of people/ colleagues towards PWS.
Then meeting started with the introduction round. We gave our introduction and told about our association with TISA.
In prepared speeches round Karthik, Sudhanshu, me and Saurav spoke. Karthik recited an optimistic poem. Sudhanshu narrated a article. I told about one of life incident about stammering. Saurav, a new member, talked about his experience as a stammerer.
Next was an impromptu discussion round, in fact we didn’t have any time limit for this round and speaker took as much time he wanted. Topic give were interesting. And we discussed about how medicines are prepared. Saurav talked about the Nagaland, Naga people and culture. While Ankit talked about benefits of Vipassana.
Then we had a discussion about the upcoming Workshop on 24 Feb.
It was a great meeting full of learnings, information and fun.
Contact nos. Shobhit: 9990449976,
Annasaheb: 8105326178.


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