Day: Thursday, Time: 9 pm. 2 women had already joined the hangout call. I welcomed all and started hosting it. In next 10 minutes, 5 more women joined the call. The talk started. The much awaited journey started from here.

Well, I’m talking about the 1st ever hangout call that was arranged specially for women who stammer! It gives us (Pooja and Me) immense pleasure to announce that we’ve arranged Hangout call exclusively for women scheduled on every Thursday at 9 to 10 pm.

Many people will now think that why to arrange separate hangout calls? What’s the need? According to us, women do need some space and time to share things freely. All these things remain unaffected in combined hangout call also. But for starting purpose, we thought it would be great to invite all the women from WWS group and share our thoughts.

The main idea was given by Shilpa ma’am after NC 2018. She put forward this idea I front of us. As Pooja and I were newbies in the conference this year, we were not aware about many things. Shilpa ma’am and Sweta ma’am guided and encouraged us to take the lead and make things happen. After having initial talk, we started planning out things. It was decided between Pooja and me that we’ll host the call one by one. So for the first call, I decided to host the call (!).

Total 7 members were present for the call. Dr. Sweta, Shilpa, Dr. Renu, Upasana, Pooja, Shardari, including me. Our talk started with formal greetings. Then we move towards 1st round which was an Introduction round. All participants introduced themselves one by one, in a technique in which they are comfortable. Everyone got to know about each other very well. In 2nd round, I asked everyone their opinion about separate hangout call for women. Everyone responded with their opinions and the need to carry out these kind of activities in future. In 3rd round, I asked everyone to suggest few activities which they want to get included in next hangout calls.

The main motive of starting these calls is to talk freely, to  initiate things, to take lead. We’d a great time talking to each other. It was more like a reunion! As suggested by all participants, we’ll focus more on mental health. Feelings and emotions play a vital role in our life and we have to nurture them in a positive way. It will definitely help us heal in a better way. I’m looking forward to more such enriching talks and appeal all women to attend the hangout calls scheduled on each Thursday.


Till then, Stammer Freely!!!!!!!



  1. Bhupendra Singh Rathore 12 months ago

    Great Initiative, One more step to women empowerment and to build a safe space for WWS to openly share their experiences on stammering.

  2. Amitsingh Kushwaha 12 months ago

    Very nice Shilpa. Women is in our country is also marginalized group. You and other women who stammer doing very well about their empowerment. Congratulations.

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