BLR SHG meeting 10 Mar 2019

Attendees (L to R): Front row- Joshua, Shobhit; 2nd row- Kalpesh, Firoze, Chandramouli Sir, Shreyas; 3rd row- Sudhanshu, Aditya, Manish, Annasaheb; 4th line- Tapan, Anupam, Vineet, Rahul, Karthik, Amit, Naveen, Madhavan sir.
Venue: Cubbon Park, near central library.
Time: 10 AM to 1 PM

Today we saw a large number of PWS attending the SHG meeting. Chandramouli Sir, Manimaran sir’s friend and classmate, attended the meeting as an observer.

The meeting started with our introduction round. All of us gave our brief introduction, told about our professional experience and how every one of us experienced stammering. Introduction was followed with questions by fellow PWS. Question were with regards to the experience as stammerer, job related issues. As a result of nature of questions and answers, this round seemed like a counseling session. Chandramouli sir gave his valuable feedback/ suggestions in introduction round.

Then we moved on to group discussion (GD) round. Teams were formed with 4 PWS in each team. Each team was given a topic for GD and discussion was done for about 20 minutes separately by each team. After completion of discussion, we all gathered together to assess our learnings. A representative from each team told about their experience of GD round. Some of the important points in learning were that we feel stressed when challenged with an unknown topic; in a round like GD we need to have proper balance of what we think and what we speak; conviction was important factor to perform any given task.

We then discussed about how to assess ourselves in our journey to deal with stammer.
It was very nice meeting with lot of learnings.
I would like to thank Chandramouli sir for his valuable suggestions, support and we look forward to many more such sessions and special thanks to Manimaran sir for making this possible.

Contact nos. Shobhit: 9990449976,
Annasaheb: 8105326178.


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