We are Up and Running Again…

After a hiccup, we are up and running again!

Due to technical issues, there was a delay in publishing workshop reports of recently held workshops on our website. We sincerely regret and apologize for the delay. We also apologize for any information/updates that we were not able to publish during this time. However, we have tried best to share it on our other social media platforms.

I want to thank Dipesh Aggarwal and Dhruv Gupta who rose to the occasion and worked tirelessly to resolve this issue. With their efforts, we were able to get under control the abrupt behaviour of the website and performance issues.

I also want to thank Abhinav Singh for investigating further, going into the depth of the issue and finding a permanent solution. We have now moved the hosting of TISA website to a cloud hosting (Amazon servers). This means, you will now have a seamless experience and our website will perform faster.

This is a great example of volunteerism and just one of the many occasions when volunteers come together and selflessly work for the community. It makes me more proud to be a PWS, and to be a part of TISA!

~Harish Usgaonker (NatCo)


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