TISA – Communication workshop in Hyderabad 2019: An event to remember

So, I was added in the WhatsApp group (Thanks to Bangalore SHG) and we got a text regarding possible dates for organizing a TISA workshop in Hyderabad. Waking up with one eye closed, I looked at the text and exclaimed, What?

It was not on the top of our minds, of the Hyderabad SHG co-ordinators, to organize a workshop. We were thinking and talking about it, but only that! The idea of a workshop in a month excited us. We immediately agreed upon the dates and started planning while thinking it to be an easy task. Little did we know what we had in front of us.

With almost a month of planning, discussions, cold wars, analysis, and work executions, we ended up conducting a TISA workshop in Hyderabad after 6 years. Thanks to the guidance of seniors, Mr. Sugandh Rakha, Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Raja Poladi, Mr. Dinesh and support from Hyderabad and Bangalore SHG teams, we were able to achieve this feat.

We had a broad agenda to be covered in two days, keeping in mind that many participants did not have prior experience with TISA and its techniques. Right from the start, the main focus was on communication, fluent or non-fluent. Such kind of environment is only possible in TISA, where speech blocks and courage were rewarded with claps and encouragement. The target was to take the participants on a roller coaster ride of self-acceptance, sharing the experiences, introduction to some speech modulation/correction techniques, facing the fear through stranger talks, participating in mini-SHG’s, some very motivational guest talks and in the end, a teary-eyed goodbye to fellow PWS with trust and a feeling of belongingness along with a message that we are, after-all a family.  The inspiration and motivation which we got through the workshop manifested itself in the regular SHG meetings being conducted in Hyderabad, after the workshop.

Such is an impact of these events, that we recall these moments almost every time we are thankful and in gratitude for the love and support, we get in our life journey. Thanks to TISA, for giving us a purpose in life and makes us content, every time we step out of this grand celebration of STAMMERING.

Please enjoy the pictures of the event, when fun and learning went hand in hand.

Hyderabad workshop participants. See how happy!!
Mini-SHG activity
Mock interview sessions
Value-added discussions with the seniors
Stranger talk activity
Question-answers round with the seniors who have been there, done that!
Stranger talk activities, after-all, awareness is the key
Experience sharing after the stranger talk acticity
Happy birds!
We all love goodies, with a message
If we cannot have him in person, we can have him on-line.
A token of appreciation for self-less work service to TISA
The team

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3 thoughts on “TISA – Communication workshop in Hyderabad 2019: An event to remember


    (May 4, 2019 - 10:06 pm)

    Thanks Shilpa for capturing the highlights very well and for spearheading the workshop.


    (May 4, 2019 - 11:06 pm)

    So nicely illustrated..


    (May 5, 2019 - 9:10 pm)

    Thanks everyone, starting from Raja, Sugandh, Shilpa, Nishil, Rajesh and every one in HYD… What a nice gathering! I loved talking to the group on line!

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