Experience of online meeting with Dr. Sachin Sir by Dr. Chittaranjan Patel

On 1st June 2019, we had a online meeting with Sachin Sir.
Charlies Challange video was discussed. The message in the Video for TISA members was, that,  while speaking we can use intonations and emotions in our speech and speak in such a way which reflects the current situation. Many PWS speak in a monotonous way, and we should try and change our speech by using emotion and variety while talking.
Next we all did an activity….”Speak like a Radio Jockey” where  we gave our introduction  with a big Smile and lots of  emotions in it. It was a good experience.
Sachin Sir advised ‘ We should play/experiment with our speech,  try out different accents. These daily changes will surely lead to a great change  in our Style of speaking, If regularly practised’
Next Activity was related to this advise…..Participants were told to make a Sales pitch ( Speak like a salesman).
But in a American accent.
Dhruv smartly made a Sales pitch about TISA. We all make sales pitch, in a foreign style. Noticeably in this activity, everyone was spontaneous and spoke freely, when he/she was imitating a foreign  accent.
Next, Sir asked every participant to describe the best/happiest moment of his/her life. The participants re-lived the best moments of their Life.
Here Adarsh had shared a good motivation quote from his Father, who had advised him when he was not feeling great ” Son, Life is Big and Varied,  work on your Life, you will surely get Success. And Be Happy for what you have, don’t be sad about the things what God has given(not given) to you”
The purpose of the activity, “Remember Your Happiest Moments” was,  We should  keep  these moments close  to our hearts and maybe keep Photos from that time or other memories. Whenever we feel low, we should  remember and experience them. That gives us a positive and happy mindset, which we need.
TISA organises  peer online meeting every Saturday from 9 PM to 10 PM. More details can be found at https://stammer.in/join-hangout-with-tisa-every-saturday/
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  1. Satyendra Srivastava 10 months ago

    Wow, what a nice summary! Congrats!

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