Hyderabad – SHG, Meeting Report held on 26th May

Dear All,
On 26th May SHG took place at the Clubhouse of Aparna Commune, Nallagandla, a big thanks to Jagdish for making this possible when the Hyderabad temperature was showing us no mercy. Although scheduled at 9:30 the meeting started at around 10:15 am with introductions.
The meeting saw the presence of Ramu, Jagdish, Kapil, Srinivas, Rahul, Vineeth and Aditya. It was a mixed crowd with people associated with TISA for as long as 6 years to as less as 1 month turning up.
The following activities were performed in this meeting
  • Introductions.
  • Guided meditation by Jagdish.
  • Tisa rules explained by Ramu.
  • Reading from the TISA self-help manual – Apna haath Jagannath and then explaining the content(2+1 minute for each member)
Experience sharing (5 minutes each member)
The primary difference between reading and experience sharing is to show how our mind behaves when we have to only speak(in case of reading) as compared to when we have both think and speak(in case of impromptu experience sharing)
The meeting also saw a healthy discussion about challenges faced in the workplace and everyone contributed their point of view. Topics included how to handle the relationship with your colleagues. Kapil explained how he manages his day to day scenarios being a manager.
The meeting ended with a feedback session. Having a coordinator for each SHG and a task assigned to accomplish before next SHG were fixed post the feedback session.
The meeting ran for 2 hours.
Report by,
Aditya Agarwal, SHG, Hyderabad.
Contact Number and email id to join SHG, Hyderabad.
Ramu: +91 8143344240
Email: ramuvattikula@gmail.com

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